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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cornot Snack- Health Book- Day 43

"Let's go for coffee!"

"Lets have tea and biscuits"!!!

"How about cold drink and bread pakoda"?

I grew tired of listening to my energetic colleagues during every break that we take. While I had shunned unhealthy eating a long time back, it becomes difficult to keep the temptations under control. I chalked out an easy way for these tea/coffee breaks. Instead of throwing trash in my body, I'd rather eat something healthy and nutritious. And this is what I made- Cornot Salad! Wondering what it is? It is a mixture of corns and carrots, the term Cornot was of course devised by me!

Method- Pressure cook a cup of corns. (Corns are easily available in Safal/Mother dairy stores and even with the local vegetable vendors)

Chop 1 medium or 2 small sized carrots.

Squeeze lemon juice and add chaat masala.
You can make the mixture and store in refrigerator overnight. Carry it to your office next day and enjoy a healthy snack. I certainly don't need to cite the benefits of cornot, but for the sake of humanity I will.
  1. You get Vitamin A & C from this dish.
  2. Corns is fibrous and super nutritious.
  3. No fat or cholesterol in this chaat mixture.
  4. Fills your stomach without letting fat accumulate.
  5. Better than tea/coffee or high calorie snack/beverage.
Stay healthy stay blessed !

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