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Which category?Do you fall into the category of those who are big time foodie and don't mind eating anything that comes their way, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner? Or do you fall in the category who are weight watchers and extremely conscious about your calorie intake? The third category is for those who think breakfast in unessential and generally skip it due to lack of time or other factors. Whatever category you fall into, please keep in mind the importance of breakfast and what should go inside your body. You should know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day which should NEVER be skipped. After your night's dinner when you sleep for 6-7 hours, your body has digested the food. The energy of your body is consumed by your body cells to breakdown the food particles. Hence it is important to replenish your body with energy in the morning, with the right food (breakfast). This energy keeps you going throughout the day.
The argument over breakfast- Some say it shou…

Together, a beautiful "We"

I knew you when our friendship was so raw, we shared the same skipping rope, hung on to the same sea-saw. The memories still brew fresh in my mind, when we left others behind, in our notorious pranks on our neighbors and we loved our life's spicy juicy flavors!

You stole money from your dad's wallet and bought ice creams for both of us, which your parents came to know and created a lot of fuss, I shared the scolding with you as we were partners in crime, our bonding grew stronger which was never to sublime.
"Sisters"? our new teacher asked us on the first day to school, "Yes" you replied with a smile on your face, and since then in our lovely bonding, ego had no space.
My mum made sure to buy anything double, one for you, and  another for me, because you and I together made a beautiful WE. I smile when I look at the doll that you gave me on my 8th birthday, I remember how I had treasured it, never gave it to anybody to play.
Those little chits that we pass…