Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Mia Woman-"As beautiful as her work"

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A gentleman in late fifties came complaining to the cash counter about the problem he faced while getting a foot massage last time. The pretty lady manning the counter tolerantly heard him but did not utter a word in defence. Instead she flashed a smile, empathized with the haggling customer, offered him free consultation for foot care and sent him inside for another foot massage session. The next minute, a young lady barged into the salon asking for discount on the prices for haircut. Salon Manager Purnima, the pretty lady at the counter smiled, flaunted her nails and diverted the lady’s attention from hair cut. The lady was satisfied to get a free tip for nail care and did not negotiate for discount further.

 “Mam, Raashid is on leave today. Who’ll do facial today?” asked an attendant peeping from the facial room. “You do haircut today, I’ll handle facial,” Purnima replied and sneezed. “But you have backache and fever mam” the attendant asked hesitantly.

“It’s ok. Customer will not take that excuse, right?”

Purnima smiled and wore an apron, leaving the reception.

Working in the beauty industry isn’t painless. Know why? ; Because people set high expectations from them. They are supposed to look good and in good health always, sport new trends and makeup constantly, wear a smile on their faces and patiently lend their ears to everybody about their problems, big or small. Retaining customers to the brand and achieving sales target are two things that constantly chase their thoughts. They barely get time with their families, especially on weekends or festivals, since that’s when maximum footfall happens. Morning through evening they are asked to be energetic yet look good. Would you imagine such people to strike a balance among such situations in which they are immersed, neck deep? Would you expect them to be calm and polite without shouting back at you when you give them all troubles of your lives?

 Meet such person, Purnima, working at a renowned salon of posh South Delhi’s urban market; who is as beautiful as her work and an idol! It won’t be untrue to call her an epitome of beauty combined with brains and utmost level of patience. 8 years ago when I met her, I had mistaken her for someone obsessed with make up and latest fashion. Least did I know that it was more out of compulsion at job than her wishes.

I salute her guts & determination, because coming from a family where she supported three sisters and mother with her meager salary as a single bread earner, yet be happy forever, isn’t simple for anybody. “Feeling positive and being happy solves most of our problems,” Purnima quotes while I try my best to follow her mantra. Married few months ago, Purnima continues to work there and be a woman of substance. She persistently balances between her work and family. For me, she is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration, who smiles at life and treats work as just another moment of joy.