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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Healthy to fast- Health Book Day 33

To fast is a way of detoxifying your body. However in India, it's more of a religious sentiment. Few Indians can fast for 5 days a week following five different Gods or beliefs. Whatever the reason of fasting is, the benefits are positive. Many do not know the benefits of fasting and the ways as well. You tend to hog or eat wrong things on your fasting days. That kills the purpose of fast.

Fasting correlates to cleansing and detoxifying your system. It balances and tones your body system as well. Detoxification is a corrective process in our cycle of nutrition. During this time we allow our cells and organs to breathe out, become current, and restore themselves. We need not necessarily fast to experience cleansing, however, minor shifts in our diet such as increasing fluids intake, raw foods, and controlling congesting food, facilitates detoxification. Fasting also helps prevent and repair DNA damage that could otherwise develop into cancer, besides keeping you calm. Increase your longevity and immunity by fasts in the right manner!


-Unless its a fast that is done without water, do not restrict yourself on water intake. Have more fluids like juice or toned/double toned milk.
-Avoid cold drinks or carbonated drinks else that should only raise the glucose level in your blood. Secondly these are acidic.

-During your partial fasts (where in you can have meal one time in a day), include fruits and raw vegetables in your diet.

-Non veg food items are restricted as they have high protein and cholesterol.

-Advisable to opt for food rich in vitamin C.


-Avoid using heavy gym machines or strenuous exercises during your fasting procedure. If you exercise at all, a brisk walk should be enough.

-Once you end fasting, avoid indulging in oily/junk or high calories food.
-Avoid fine flour (Maida) items.

With the right amount and kind of food intake, fast successfully and stay detoxified.  Take an ocassional break from food and bring a difference in your life :-)

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