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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where does heaven exist? (Guest Post)

This is a guest post from a budding poet Sumit.
Sumit Chaudhary who writes under the pen-name "Armitunum" is pursuing his Bachelor Degree from IIT Kharagpur.  Apart from writing he has keen interest in music and plays piano. His poems and short stories are very simple, articulate and inexorable.

I interacted with him on a forum in Facebook and was surprised to see pure and poetic thoughts in a young person like him. Perhaps it is the IIT that makes him serious? Just kidding! Reach him at  www.facebook.com/armitunum and TheArmitunum@gmail.com.

This is a touching poem titled "Where does heaven exist" by Amritunum

I don't know why Maa went there,
I miss her more and much and more today,
Mumma please come back here,
I need you right away.

Does heaven have a phone number?
Or its way goes through platform 9-3/4?
Is it in books made of ivy timber?

Or is it somewhere deep down my floor?
If it has a phone number how many digits is it?
Will it be an international call or call for free?
Does it have digits; digits very complicated?
Or it's a simple one like three hundred thirty three.
If heaven in Howards, is Maa under guidance of Albus Dumbledore?
What is she going through there? Is it mayhem?
On the railways, I asked papa once where is that door?
But papa says our station has only seven of them.
If heaven is in those dusty old books, what page do I have to read?
Is it on the page where an old man lies with nasty looks? Or the one that says 'human too born through a seed?
If heaven under my floor, how much I have to dig?
Yesterday I hit an axe on the floor, it hurt me but Maa now I am fine,
Maa I don't know what to ask more so I leave you a sign,
"Why you went away maa, I am only nine!"

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