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Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mousse Foundation Review

Ladies often refrain from using makeup daily. Often they complain of breakouts on skin or oily look due to usage of foundation. It happens because skin pores get blocked with foundation and further cause skin problems if not cleaned daily. I use foundation almost daily and have always chosen from Lakme daily range. I was an ardent fan of Lakme daily souffle and Lakme face magic daily foundation. However I was looking for an advanced foundation with more benefits, which is why I switched to Lakme Absolute Mattereal Mousse Foundation.
Lakme claims- Feather-light finish easily blends into the skin keeping it healthy, hides pores & evens out skin tones. The new SPF 8 formula protects the skin from sun damage, leaving it peachy-soft & naturally flawless for up to 16 hours. (Source
Positives I experienced- -The soft cake like filling in the round container is ultra smooth on skin. It gives amatte finish, …

Memerising Manali- Part 2

The third day of our stay in Manali-
We left early morning from our hotel even before breakfast, hiking to Manu Temple just a kilometre and half away. The narrow lanes with an upward steep felt tiring in the first go but as the morning Sun and cold breeze embraced us gently, it kept us going. The road is not motor-able though we spotted locals driving Maruti 800 (the most common car there) on those steep roads.
(Manu temple is 3km from Mall road)
The sight of hip hop colourful eating joints selling momos and soup, little cafes by the river side, bike renting shops was quite thrilling. The quiet lanes of Manali apparently appeal to people from abroad. Few come to meditate, few for break year after school and many come in search of Marijuana. India being half as expensive as their country, makes them settle here. Most of the bike renting shops we saw were owned by NRI.

We paced slowly towards Manu temple observing the clouds, old houses, vegetable shops and the lifestyle of the people. …