Thursday, January 28, 2010

Formation of Indian Constitution:RE-PUBLIC

Feels good to breathe in independant air! Feels good to see an independant country! While 15th August saw the independance day for India,26th January empowered the country with its own constitution.Great achievement yeah? But have we made good use of this power given to us? More often the power has been misused or lets say has not been realised to its full potential. When the country has the power to choose its own leaders and Goverment , then why do we fail to see the promises being kept each year?We talk of economic growth and increase in the gross domestic income, why do we forget the illetracy and poverty trailing at more than 33% ?

Ofcourse there has been a substantial growth in the disposable income of the average Indian family .Agreed there has been a considerable rise in the education level.Yet the power we have has not helped us to achieve this dream for every Indian Family.Probably thats the reason that every now and then we see rebels demanding a separate state.Those who have been staying below poverty lines,have not seen electricity or schools in their villages,are frustrated with the lifestyles.And we call this a lifestyle! wow! hats off to the republic country.

As a citizen of this country,among the first three changes I would like to see in the constitution are these:
-Invest in the rural places and develop the basic amenities of lives. Atleast free health and hospitals to begin with. I appreciate the efforts taken by times of India ,the “Teach India” campaign which encourages the youth and veterans to spare few hours for the underprivileged. I wish that these kinds of initiatives should be taken on a larger scale by the government and provide free education to the ones who have never seen or known books/schools.

-A friend of mine from Muscat once said to me ” A country is known by the roads it has” .Definitely I feel the same.Besides concentrating only in the metro cities,our Government should take a look at the roads and infrastructure of three tier cities and rural /small towns.This not only provides employment but also encourages investment from private firms.I hope our UP chief minister shifts her focus from building her own statues to better things which needs her attention.

-Our judicial system should work faster so that its doesnt take a decade’s time to solve a case so evident and strong yet making the victime feel helpless.Thosands cases lie pending.While the ones reopened stirred the air for some time .However justice delyaed is justice denied as correctly said.To Name a few-Jessica Lal, Ruchika,Vikas Yadav, Sanjeev Nanda or the Mumbai attacks 2008,Bhopal Carbide gas plant are few names which have seen decades pass away before they got justice or are still awaiting justice. I wish I had a magic wand that did not need to go through the tedious judiciary jigsaw puzzle and depend on the evidences so clear yet not “adequate”…..
Happy republic day to all …..
Jan 28,2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Followed ur heart?

Like majority of Indian students, when I had a choice in school to opt between science and commerce, my mom went head over heals to convince me to choose science. I studied science till I graduated from high school. I hadn't followed my heart then. Though I scored well in science, I opted for Commerce in senior secondary which I enjoyed and excelled in, as against science which seemed dead and boring to me.

Came the time to choose a career, I again found myself entangled between my parents’ choice and mine. They wanted me to study Law or work in banking sector.

Crap!!! Who cared for my thoughts? I was the only one in my school and probably the only one in my peer group who chose ADVERTISING as my career. Late working hours, extremely non-conventional, hectic job, not good for girls…….and so on excuses were given to me to discourage me from taking this decision.

I had starry dreams and high ambitions to nurture. I never wanted to stick to a 9 to 5 job and waste my life. Travelling, dancing, photography have been my areas of interest which I could have pursued as career if little encouragement and motivation was present. Dance still happens to be one of my biggest passions. But there I followed my mind which said that dance as a career isn't too substantial. Today I learn new forms of dances but as a hobby only.

However, I followed my heart and horse blinded myself with the decision of choosing advertising as a career. Post I completed Bachelors, I frantically searched for good colleges of advertising in Delhi. My hard work paid and I got through the written exams. I felt like on top of the world. However couldn't clear the interview.

I lost that year trying to crack entrance exams in various colleges. Looking at my dedication and determination, my parents started supporting me; at least my Mom wasn't hostile any more.
Finally I got admission in a good MBA college. But the struggle wasn’t over there.
With MBA 2nd semester came the choice of steams i.e. Marketing, HR, IT, Finance. I was clear was about my goals-MARKETING.. But as expected there were hurdles in the way which came in the form of advices /suggestions from parents, friends, class mates; that MARKETING is not meant for Girls! My parents were extremely worried with this choice of mine. They used to have discussions about my career with relatives and friends over cup of tea each evening. HR is meant for girls, said my mom. Go for FINANCE, it has good scope -advised my classmates.

But I chose that non-conventional stream. I was among the few girls seated in marketing lectures amidst classrooms full of boys. Now I am happily working in a private firm post competing MBA as a marketing executive. Though the salary is not too attractive, yet the most important thing is that I enjoy my work. I don’t crib like others who are caught in wrong jobs. Why? Because one should follow what heart says and I was driven by my heart. Do hell with people!!! It’s my life after all and its my heart who will be most hurt; not the people. I am looking for an opportunity in the field of advertising. I won’t think for a second before changing my job because I believe in “Do what you love and love what you do”.

India is country where people think that a career selection depends on what feeds your family irrespective u enjoy it or not. That’s the reason why sports as a career isn’t encouraged, neither is a career in non conventional fields like photography, choreography, chef etc. Its high time people change this perspective. If we envisage India to stand out or excel in any field, we need to take initiative of changing the thought. May be its then when we would see a reduction in the suicide rates of students who succumb to parental or society pressure!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winding up..What stood out in 2009?

Time ticks without waiting. What remains are the trails of memories, some for good reasons and some as pricking thorns. It’s up to us weather we learn something from them or merely add them to the book of history like other pages. 2009 has been a year of mixed experiences for everyone. Have we learnt lessons from the mistakes committed in ’09 and wow not to repeat them? Or we sit blindfolded without letting us affect anything?
Kargil operation and IC- 814 hijack incident completed 10th year, Tsunami victims saw the 5th death anniversary of their lost ones in 2009. Have the conditions improved in 2009? Kargil Operation was a victory yet the deceased soldiers’ families are still waiting for compensation from the Government. Villagers who were devastated in Tsunami are still leading a nomadic life waiting for somebody to either help them relocate with a normal life or die with poverty.

The Hijacking was a slap across the face of the Indian Government for the inability to negotiate and let anybody walk in with guns hijacking people. 2009 marked the same history post 26/11/08 Mumbai Attack revealing the vulnerability of the System here. One year has passed by the cruel massacre and our Government is spending Crores of rupees on the terrorist Kasab in order to keep him alive who claims he was framed falsely! That’s where I feel that our system is amputated. However, setting up of NSG hubs in other metro cities by the government was a well appreciated welcoming decision.

Students like me who were ‘soon to be’ MBA graduates spent sleepless anxious nights worrying over the tight market conditions resulting in no vacancies. So I feel lucky to grab a job in an organization which has supported me a lot and given me a great learning platform while a number of my classmates are still unemployed. I wish they get a job for them selves in 2010.Year 2009 will also remain special to me because of the traveling opportunities I got during my tenure in this organization. I feel I am a traveler now :-)
2009 witnessed airlines industry rolling in dust and it was equally painful to see Indian students becoming victim of Racial Attacks abroad. India was bursting with outcry of separate states and a forced thakrey raaj while on the other hand, it gave me some relief to see nations come together for rising concerns of Global Warming. Swine flu was a major concern consistently.

Well, I would run out of pages to wind up 2009 in few words. According to me, the most appealing incident, or lets say the striking moment was the Gay rights support movement in India which came as good news for bisexuals. Activists against it said, that it was nothing but effect of western culture. I fail to understand this statement of theirs. Something which comes naturally to human beings is definitely not a modernized form of living. So far the Indian Government has been quiet on the legalization of the gay rights. I felt the plight of the bisexuals who were cornered by the society where bisexualism was a taboo. The High Court adhered to Constitutional Morality and gave the Homosexuals or the transgenders a reason to cheer. Atleast they would be able to live as part of the society now!

I pity the bisexuals who were prohibited to practice what they wanted. What did the law sing about freedom of choice and freedom to practice? This was one sect of the society who were ill treated even worse than the low castes. My heart went out for them since their discrimination was so unfair! People who married the same sexes whom they loved were either burnt to ashes or disowned by the civilized society. Only few empathized their pain that they were born with this. It wasn't a mere pleasure they gained by posing a “gay” rather they were send by god like this.

The priests and religious leaders left no stone unturned to prove them culprits of the society, misguides of culture. They were humiliated and I salute the spirit of the Indian Law who took a stand to make their lives better unlike our own so called cultural & regional boundations. For me this was something which stood out in 2009 and I wish that the Indian government wakes up on such issues on time.

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