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Readomania Talk Fest- 5th edition

Readomania's talk fests are one its kind and sadly I have missed attending them all this while. I attended the 5th Talk Fest which was a crowd puller because of the speaker RJ Khurafati Nitin. The stage was set at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road for Sunday, 28th Aug '16.

The interactive show intended to bring his inspiring struggle story to the public along with exciting gifts and giveaways. For me, the best giveaway were the rich learning lessons. Nitin who is a well known entertainer and is the most awarded Radio Jockey held the crowd with his great sense of humor amid the story of highs and lows of his life.

For those who did not know, Nitin's full name is Jonathan Philip Nitin Brady. Born to a lovely couple who came from different castes, Nitin himself is married to Sunita, a girl outside his religion. His words "Mere ghar mei poora Bhaarat basta hai" hence stands true to the core.

He began his career with All India Radio around 15 years ago. Gradually his …

5 tips to travel healthy


There is a traveler within all of us. But how many manage to stay fit and healthy during and after the trip? Learning from my own experiences and a close brush with others, here are 10 must do's to travel in good shape and health. 
1. Snack healthy - Yes I can feel the frowns. Trying local cuisines is on the to-do list of travelers. But please do not ignore your health. You never know if contaminated ingredients/water or anything oily can make you ill during your tour. During my Jaipur trip in December few years ago, a friend fell seriously ill, only to be diagnosed with food poisoning. Oh boy, if only he could control himself from hogging at every food stall.

It is obvious to feel hungry and our nose just cant ignore the deep fried goodness, which ends up in eating pakodas/chips/samosas/vadaas. Advisable to carry a little snack pack with you. Roasted chana (black grams), almonds, peanuts & puffed rice mixture, digestive bis…