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Healing with hills- Health Book : Day 118

Hill stations bring a  pleasant change in our lives. We breathe free in the relaxing & calm surrounding,  break free from the monotony of our life and get rejuvenated. Hill stations are a must visit for all, especially those who have practically lost themselves in stress and crazy city rush. The pure air magically heals your body. The mystique view rejuvenates you mentally, emotionally, physically.
My three days visit to Dalhousie and McLeodGanj did the same to me. The magical bliss was not only of the beautiful nature but of the lovely resort as well which made our stay so memorable. I will write about the trip in some other post. Let me share some positive things about hill stations and the wonders that can happen there.

-Have you often heard doctors advising patients to take a break and recover in hill stations? As I said, hill stations offer you serenity, much required for you mentally and physically. Hill stations have clean air. Not that the air is pollution free, but the p…

Tanned? Health Book- Day 101

Pull up your shirt sleeves and see the difference in the skin tone. Body parts exposed to the sun are dark as they are tanned, while the covered ones appear normal. This is one of the worse effects of summers. Okay, don't panic, keep calm and read the home remedies to de-tan yourself. Tried and tested grandma's methods and approved by health/derma experts.
-When life throws lemons at you, use them to de-tan!Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that helps skin to get rid of tanning. Rub fresh lemon juice on your face, elbows or hands. If lemon juice sounds messy or those who think why to waste lemons, they might as well utilize the used/squeezed lemons. Despite the juice already gone, the remains of the lemon cover/shell still retains the rich content of vitamins. Rub the lemon peel on your tanned parts, elbows or knees. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.
-Pass on the papaya! Did you know that papaya is a skin lightening agent? No? How could you not know …

Summer Mocktail- Year Health Book- Day 99

Soaring temperature eh? As summers silently creep into our lives, we can't help but live with it. We leave no stone un-turned to beat the heat and land up doing harm than good. Ice creams, carbonated drinks may give you temporary relief from the heat, but certainly causes no good in the long run. You literally gain nothing from them, apart from calories or flu-cold. Sharing an easy and refreshing summer drink here- Watermelon cocktail. I did not call it mocktail, since there was no other fruit mixed in the drink. It is neat fruit juice !

Preparation time- 10 mins
What you need- Ripe sweet watermelon, 1 lemon, black salt, mint leaves
1. Cut the water melon into halves, scraping the pulp from the cover. Chop them into pieces and sort out the seeds. Place the pieces in a juicer or mixer.
2. Juice the pulp in the juicer. Keep it thick or thin as per your choice. 3.  Squeeze one whole lemon into the juice. 4. Stir with a teaspoon of black salt or chaat masala. Pour in a glass. Do …

Know how's of cardio- Health Book: Day 97

This post for those who don't know what is cardio exercise and why should it be done. While talking to a friend yesterday, who had no clue about cardio exercises, I realized the need to enlighten others about the same.
What? Cardio or cardiovascular exercises are those physical movements of your body where your heartbeat accelerates.
Why? If you have desk job, how does your body feel at the end of the day? You may have tight muscles, an aching back, and you feel exhausted even though you haven't done anything physical. Perhaps your shoulders are heavy with tension and head giddy after staring at your computer screen for the whole day. You do not feel the same post a good workout. Your muscles become warm and flexible, the blood circulation becomes good, providing oxygen and energy. You feel energized, refreshed, confident and  proud of yourself and ready, don't you? The reason is that our bodies are made to move, and not sit around all day. This is exactly what we do and ru…