Thursday, February 20, 2014

Breathe happy- Health Book: Day 51

Have you ever wondered why do people have fresh flowers with a nice fragrance in their rooms? Why are wedding spots showered with scented flowers and petals? Why are aromatic oils used in massage or spa therapy?
Well, fragrance plays a great role in our lives. Let me share few shocking revelations of importance of aroma or fragrance in our lives.

Insomnia and stress with fragrance of lavender, vanilla, coffee and roses-
Of late, I had been complaining of insomnia. Not that I am writing this post because I found a solution to it, but because while researching on the aspects of fragrance, I chanced upon various benefits of fragrance. Treating insomnia was just one of them.

It is said that the smell of lavender can help to treat insomnia, anxiety, stress, and post-operative pain. Aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. This is one of the reasons why spas use lavender oils or scented sticks during therapies.

The smell of coffee can also lead to a calming effect. Research shows that Vanilla fragrance has a calming effect, while the smell from roses reduces both breathing rate and blood pressure.

Fragrance has lot to do with concentration-
Long time back, it was practiced in Japan. The factory managers sprayed the scent of lavender during tea breaks. That showed a remarkable improvement in post-break production.
Athletes who sniffed peppermint ran faster and had better concentration than those who had no smell, while children performed better at tests when exposed to the aroma of fresh strawberries. This was unknown to me till date! However, let your child study. Don’t solely depend on strawberry and expect to perform well in tests. (Ok I am just kidding)

Boosts memory
Smells are very powerful triggers of specific memories, and are used in therapy to help recover lost memories. Research proves that memories triggered by smells tend to be clearer, more intense and more emotional. It is believed that that this is because the part of the brain which associates with smell has direct links with parts that are involved in emotion and memory.
Haven’t you noticed that you tend to remember a place you visited that had a nice aroma? A stench will do t he same though!

The healing process with aroma-
Aroma Candles
Your immunity against certain illnesses and infections can improve with aromatherapy. It also results in enhancing digestion and relieves women from menstrual cramps.

One can diffuse oils in the air and allow the aromatic smell to be utilized by circulating the aroma through the air. The smell may help the body and mind by:
* Alleviating headaches
* Energizing the mind and body
* Producing calming effects
It helps relieve mind problems such stress, anxiety and depression and this in turn may also lower the blood pressure.  I will hence make sure to implement this post my dad’s surgery.
With aromatherapy, you will also improve the circulation of your blood which in turn helps eliminate unwanted toxins and improve wound healing process.

Aromatherapy is essentially using oils to create a better and more enticing environment. Essential oils can help to calm or can help to 'pick you up' if you are feeling down and worn-out. This can be infused through inhalation of oil or infusion vapors. This is beneficial to the body such as:
* Relief of nasal congestion
* Relief of Lung infection that may be caused by bacteria and fungus
* Aids in expectorating phlegm
* Better sleeping pattern

Spray room freshener with natural ingredients or flavors. I use AmbiPur Newzealand Springs and Vanilla variants to make my room fresh and aromatic. They create a soothing sensation and eliminate bad odor at the same time.

Light a scented candle or stick (Only if your family members are not allergic to smoke) for the aromatic effect. People who come across places with scented sticks perceive the place to be clean, hygienic and well decorated. Walking into a room/ house with a nice fragrance creates a more enticing and inviting atmosphere and is also much gentler on the nose. It only makes them happy hence bringing about a positive energy around. See how an aroma does wonders!
I think I will treat my insomnia as well with aroma therapy! Bingo! Smell nice things and be happy and healthy!

Stay healthy stay blessed.

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