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It's a girl!!!

“It’s a girl!” The alley thundered with triumphant applause. As she opened her eyes, compliments poured in for my family. I can imagine how my parents felt at the top of the world in that joyous moment.  My near and dear ones showered my sister with their love and blessing.
Amid all the love and care, she started to grow up.  She was the apple of our mother’s eyes. Mom never said no to her little desires. Yet she wanted her to be independent and taught her to face the world with courage, just like she had taught me. She spread her baby wings to fly and mom encouraged her throughout.  In very less time, she learnt the values of life. Our father silently stood by her in all the little tricks that she grabbed. Those small tricks earned us a living. All her life, our mother worked very hard to feed us. Our father’s firm determination and positive thinking nurtured us. We survived on whatever my family or I could do for a living. So what if God made us that way? So what if the rest of the …


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The simple things that bring smile to many faces, are present around us in every shape and form. All we need is a knack to recognize them and let those simple things flow. Why wait for special occasions? We humans tend to make things complicated as we have forgotten those little wonders. What makes me happy in such Byzantine? Oh, I love bringing in back those simple things to life. In other words making others happy makes me happy! Happiness is a whole family eating and watching a movie together. Our life seems to run on a fast track, that the joy of togetherness is long lost. A warm meal while watching a good humorous film or chatting, not only bonds the family but also brings cheer to everyone. What’s better than seeing a happy family sharing the simple moments …

Voting for Will Of Steel

I’m voting for (nominee’s name)’s#WillOfSteel and blogging onBlogAddato help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.
You go against all odds, cross all hurdles and achieve what others could not. You need #willofsteel to do that. You need firm determination and courage to fulfill those dreams, even if that means sacrificing dear things or living in hardships. JSW presents such people with extraordinary courage whose contribution is truly remarkable. I encourage and have voted for such exemplary personalities on the website The nominee who got my attention is Rajendra Singh- The waterman of India, whom I think should be felicitated by JSW for his will of steel.

Rajendra Singh who hails from Alwar, Rajasthan, is notable a water-conservationist. In the time where we are struggling for fresh air and clean water, there are villages and remote places who do not receive water at all. Lands are turning barren, rain fall is uncertain, crops are failing and farmers …

Cause for the Earth

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More than 90 farmers committed suicide in 45 days in Marathwadaa. Reason? Uncertain rains, failed crops, burden of debt.  Water problem still persists in major parts of the country. Reason? Every drop of water is a life savoir for few whereas more than 3 liters of water is wasted daily in cities. Rising pollution level, global warming, deforestation and so on...
It's a vicious cycle where the reason and cause chase each other. We know the causes, we debate and educate people, but do nothing for it. It’s high time we fasten our belts, lest we should see dead Earth in few years. While the emission of CFC from air conditioned rooms and refrigerators cannot be ruled out, we can contribute towards a greener and better Earth in our own way. Every move counts. Do small things daily. Sharing few simple and convenient ways here- Birds are dying. How many sparrows do we see these days? Like dinosaurs, soon bird…

The ad world

Barkhurdar, padhenge nahi to bheekh maangege aap. Maths mei zero, English mei andaa, saraa din chicks k peechay bhaagna, ye kahaa ki tameez hai?

Recent Mentos TVC (2015) grabbed eyeballs with the hilarious script and voice over of comedian Sunil Grover, who dubs for an angry rooster. The rooster is seen scolding his chick, then his wife and eve teasing, supposedly a sexy hen. Audience fell off their chairs watching the witty ad. I really don’t mind watching this ad, even if it interrupts my favorite movie or TV show. Super comical interpretation of rooster in a brand like Mentos, got a good brand recall. But did that enlighten the customer about the brand message? Apparently No. The message got lost and the audience almost forgot that Mentos is now bigger and softer. Just like this message did not get effected the rooster, the audience overlooked it too. The brand score card? 50-50 (50 for innovation and newness, negative for lost messaging)
There are funny ads, action packed ads an…

Snapped the deal

The simple things that bring smile to many faces, are present around us in every shape and form. All we need is a knack to recognize them and let those simple things flow. We humans tend to make things complicated as we have forgotten those little wonders. What dil ki deal does one strike in such byzantine? Oh, I love bringing in back those simple things to life. In other words making others happy makes me happy too!
I went to a salon few days ago for a foot massage. In the middle of the therapy, I asked the guy about the foot relaxation points, techniques and from where he was trained. Calmly answering my questions, he looked worried whether or not I was happy about the service. And then I asked him his name. “Suraj” he answered, as it brought a smile on his face.
I realized, very few people ask their names. My question made him feel special. I had left an appreciation note for him in the visitor’s book and thanked him in person. Like others, I could have availed the services and le…

Dil ki deal

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal
It was my first job and my first stint in Delhi, alone, away from my family. What was it to stay alone was a new experience. During the job induction, it was made crystal clear to us to refrain from taking leave for the first six months. My heart fluttered, mind toppled and eyes welled up. The following month was Diwali and the thought of being alone that day struck me like a thunderbolt. I did not even know how to conduct a full-fledged puja on such occasions, let alone celebrating it with people. Plus I had no friends In Delhi who would accompany me or ask me to be a part of their family on Diwali. After all, Diwali in India was a family celebration. The HR manager continued to enlighten us with the company policies while I swallowed the lump in my throat and pretended to be normal.
Days passed by and I breezed through my training period. One part of me was excited and eager to explore a…

B: Blink

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The platform was crowded as usual. The usual hustle bustle of the daily commuters, the loud whistle of the train's engine, street vendors on the platforms and passengers waiting at the platform for the last local train, seemed to be a very regular. The lazy dogs slept in one corner near a group of elderly men playing cards. As the last local arrived at 7:40 pm , students rushed towards the train. All seem to be familiar faces, except him. He caught my attention and my eyes stayed glued to him. The white platform light fell on his face. Almost 6 feet, the slim guy had long brown hair. He blinked his eyes fast. . Dressed in blue denims, white tee and a bag pack, he came across as a student to me. I stood towards the end of the platform staring at him.
From the past four years, I traveled daily from Mandi House Railway station to Ghaziabad  in the last local train. I had seen students and working professionals like me, daily at the same tim…