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Sunday, February 9, 2014

De stress with SPA- Year Book, Day 39

Amidst my daily exercises, yoga and healthy diet, I suddenly came across something that I had never tried before. It was an amazing Spa therapy! I had always been apprehensive about getting a spa done pertaining to the odd stories heard from many. Secondly, I never had a chance to experience wellness through spa. This one just fitted the picture so well.

Located in the main market of Delhi’s South Ex-2, Four Fountain Spa, specializes in massage and spa therapies. You can rejuvenate yourself while de-stressing and healing by the physiotherapy way. “Touch therapy” has been known and practiced in India since ages. Four Fountain Spa helps you feel de-stressed by working on the points of your body. I opted for half an hour foot-reflexology to awaken my tired legs.

The ambiance takes away half of your stress. The moment you enter the place, the soft lights, the sweet aroma, the comfortable seating arrangement and unique aesthesis, instantly have a soothing effect on you.  The friendly staff immediately attends to you, and caters to your requirements. They are not pushy, and I give them one extra point for that!

Jyoti, the therapy expert, showed me the way to the massage room. The room had a row of neatly arranged sofa and comfortable stools covered with towels. The Buddha statues and bonsai plants immediately got my attention. 


Jyoti cleaned my feet with a warm wet towel and tapped my feet with her fingers. She touched and stimulated the important points of my feet one by one. I came to know that every finger of our foot has a nerve that has a direct effect on our lungs, heart, kidneys and eyes. She pulled each finger of the toe gently and moved her fingers pressing the nerves. She massaged aromatic oil on my legs and made sure to arouse the sleeping muscles and veins.

 Jyoti moved my toe 360 degree and ran her fingers on my toe. Her magical hands were just perfect. The pressure on the points released all my stress gradually. I started feeling light and fell asleep for some time. The effect of the soft music in the room added to the enchantment. I woke up from my short slumber after she ended the foot reflexology.

I could not stop myself from asking where she had learnt the therapy art and I was surprised to know Four Fountain Spa has an institute in Pune. That’s where Jyoti was trained and is successfully leading her career from the past two years. Massage and spa therapy is a part of many physiotherapy treatments.  I was too tempted to go for a body massage at that time, but could not, because of less time in hand.

I was offered complimentary green tea after the session. The staff also gifted an aromatic balm to rub on forehead and sole to ensure good sleep. Loved that!

Four Fountain Spa is located in many places across India. They have a huge variety of therapies and massage sessions which is done with the aid of natural oil and healing ingredients. The packages are really economical. Click on the website for details- http://www.thefourfountainsspa.in/

Do try spa and massage at least once, which releases stress and invigorates you instantly. I added this to my YHB from now!

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