Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vicky Donor

Release date: 20th April, ’12
Director: Shoojit Sircar ,             Genre- Rom Com
Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Yami Gautam, Anu Kapoor

Beat the heat with a refreshing movie from the team of Shoojit Sircaar which marks a good– neat family entertainer sans sex comedy or censored issues. “Vicky Donor” showcases a na├»ve concept of sperm donation which is not well accepted in India.This movie is the debut from John Abrahim's production. 

The protagonist Vicky (Ayushman Khurana) is a good looking and fun loving Punjabi Boy in search of a respectable job. His super active widow mother (Dolly Ahluwalia) runs a beauty parlor in South Delhi and looks after a family of three including an aged but modern mother-in-law (Kamlesh Gill ). Long unemployment and much coaxed by Dr. Chadhha (Anu kapoor), specialist infertility, Vicky donates his sperm in return for money, which soon becomes his regular source of income. Dr Chaddha makes a fortune by utilizing his sperms for families who are ready to shell out anything for a tailor made child. However Vicky’s own marriage ruins when the secret donation goes public and his wife also learns about her own infertility.

An out of the box concept, Vicky Donor proudly says “I am a sperm donor”.  Ayushman is spontaneous and carries his character effortlessly. Vicky’s girlfriend turned wife (Yami Gautam) is a breath of fresh air and justifies her role as a Bengali girl. The cross culture clashes between Punjabi and Bengali families fit into the situation so well, hence making it more than humorous and real. The lively (Grandmother) definitely tickles your funny bone with her witty statements and modern outlook, who shares drinks with her daughter in law and stands by Vicky each time. Anu Kapoor is at the best, acting as the desperate Punjabi Doc, adding punches here& there and infusing life in the script.

After 'Surrogate Mother', a worrying issue of nation – scarcity of sperm donors in India- could have been highlighted. However, social responsibility was not the targeted issue of the movie, so this makes it a complete family entertainer. The film keeps you engaged throughout and the peppy music adds to the charm of it. Strong editing and effective dialogues make 'Vicky Donor' an excellent package.

The movie would indeed be close to Delhi-ites, with scenes shot at Lajpat Nagar, CP and Old Delhi. Go for the humor. Watch how a “Waste sperm” makes lives useful for childless couples and the sizzling characters playing the real life roles, so close to you.

My rating- 4 out of 5

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dor- Movie review

Directed by - Nagesh Kukunoor
Story- Nagesh Kukunoor and Mir Ali Hussain; Music- Salim Sulaiman
Cast- Gul Panag, Ayesha Takia, Shreyas Talpade, Girish Karnad

Yeah, it’s quite late to review a movie in 2012 which was released way back in 2006. Though better late than never, I wonder why not I had watched the movie before. Dor, meaning a thread in Hindi, symbolizes connection in this film. Friendship, nuptials, enmity, love, and above all humanity are linked to each other with a DOR, which if pulled correctly can either bond people together or else drift them apart. DOR is a story of two women, brought up in different cultures and places, not known to each other, who get associated with the DOR of their fate, post an unfortunate accident.

Zeenat (Gul) is an independent Muslim woman from Himachal Pradesh, who lives life on her own terms. She is open minded, head strong, confident and much aware of her rights. She marries her love interest Aamir (Rushad Rana) a day before he leaves for a job in Saudi.
Meera (Ayesha) is a traditional woman married to Shankar (Anirudh Jatkar) in a remote village of Rajasthan. She is bound by cultural restrictions and hence confines within the limits timidly, with her cheerful and lovable husband, with whom she finds solace and hope of freedom. Shankar too goes to Saudi for a job, taking the responsibility to play a good son and give his family a good life.

As months pass by, the men keep sending money to their families with a promise to return soon, when the unexpected news of Shankar’s death hits Mira’s debt burdened family. The worse, Aamir is accused to have murdered his roomie  Shankar and is sentenced to death penalty. The world falls apart for Meera forcing her to stay secluded in gloomy rooms and wear colorless attire of a widow. Zeenat is informed that according to the Saudi Law, Aamir could escape capital punishment penalty only if Shankar’s wife pardons him.

Zeenat, without a clue of Shankar’s residence, covers a difficult journey from Himachal to Rajasthan, to locate Meera and seek pardon for her husband. Unable to reveal her intention, Zeenat befriends Meera to win her confidence first. Meera starts liking her company and enjoys the break free from her prison each day for some time with Zeenat. Two women, poles apart, get connected by a frail DOR of friendship, show rays of hope to each other.
When the harsh truth uncovers, Meera despises Zeenat, turning down the latter’s pleas of pardon. Does she pardon her husband’s murderer? Does she choose revenge over somebody’s life? Watch the award winning movie DOR, showcasing an inner turmoil of a lady and the bewilderment of choosing between right and wrong, the outcome of which affects the others’ destiny.

Ayesha and Gul, are outstanding in their roles. Girish Karnad delivers an excellent performance in the character of Meera’s father-in-law. Shreyas Talpade adds humor to the script and the dull journey of Zeenat. Nagesh Kukunoor appears in a cameo effectively.

Salim Suliman’s music is commendable. The song “Ye Hausla” acts like a USP for the whole movie, actually extracting the worth of the story. The background score is marvelous, specially the folk “Kesariya Baalam.”
The story of the film is based on the original story written by T.A.Rasak. Sure, our hearts does not make room for others so easily but it seeks the presence of others, connecting to them in some or the other way. DOR depicts that connection magnificently; leaving you with welled up eyes and high on emotions.

I rate the movie 4 on 5.