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RAW PRESSERY: Delhi Chapter

Summers multiply the need of hydrating our body frequently. Since water alone is not sufficient to quench your thirst and replenish the lost minerals, there has been a consumer shift towards cold pressed juices.

With health consciousness as a priority these days, Rakyan Beverages launches new variants of cold pressed juices under the brand RAW Pressery, which promises : RAW, AND NOTHING ELSE.

In a Blogger Haul organized in Delhi on 7th May, 2017, RAW displayed the new varieties added to it's portfolio. It is the only brand in India to sell bottled sugarcane juice. Besides this, RAW Pressery has a large variety of juices like pomegranate, guava, Valencia orange and many more.
The event kick-started with interactive session of bloggers over refreshing coconut water. The drink was perfect for the hot weather soaring up to 44 degrees centigrade that day.

The bloggers were put through a blind test. They made to taste RAW cold pressed juices along with other brands and were asked to gues…

Mashobra- The Marvel of Himachal

Ever wanted to get lost in deep woods, away from the hustle bustle of a crowded city? Ever wanted to steal some me-time in a peaceful place surrounded by bounties of nature? Wondering if that sounds like a dream? But such places do not exist only in dreams. You heard it right- They do exist in real. And the dream came true in Mashobra, a quaint little town fourteen kilometers away from the busy Shimla.

If you are looking for a quick, offbeat, weekend escapade, Mashobra is the place for you. This town is not for party goers or nocturnal mortals due to absence of night life, pubs/discos. This is a place where anyone would want to escape to for some peace of mind. The dead silence is deafening mind you! This is a place who find solace in the green company of pine, oak and deodar trees. This is a place quietly tucked in the hills, cut off from noise and pollution, still raw and unspoiled.  

Things to do in Mashobra-
1. Camping- The forest area of Mashobra is named as Mashobra Greens. Cam…

A luxurious stay in Sariska

The vibrant Rajasthan is a storehouse of culture heritage, history and abundance of  nature’s delight. Hence the princely state of Rajasthan has been our favorite tourist destination. To mark our second wedding anniversary, husband and I planned a trip to Sariska, the city known for its tiger reserve.
How to reach Sariska-  Sariska does not have any public transport, rail or flight connectivity. Located approximately 171 kilometers from Gurgaon and around 120 kilometers from Jaipur, you can either hire a private taxi or drive yourself to Sariska via NH24. Route we followed-
Gurgaon - Manesar- Neemrana- Bheror- Kotputli- Viratnagar- Sariska.
We left from Gurgaon at 7:00 am. Surprisingly trucks plying during that time caused slow moving traffic on highway after crossing Manesar.
Continue driving till you see a signboard reading Alwar 81km and 69 km straight towards Jaipur. As soon as you bend left, your nightmare begins. Drive carefully and if possible slowly hereBe ready for packs of monke…

Sariska Jungle Safari

Sariska is one of the closest vacation places from Delhi. Known for its Tiger Sanctuary and the adventurous jungle safari, a four hours drive from Delhi takes you to the enthralling forest of Sariska. 

Things you should know-
Experts advice that the best time for jungle safari is morning, which has high probability of sighting a tiger. However, nobody can guarantee spotting a tiger in Sariska any time, because the forest is their home, not ours! We left from the resort before sunrise to reach the safari ticket window as early as possible. It was indeed surprising to see the place bustling with enthusiastic guests on a chilled winter morning.  
Take at look at the timings-  Bookings are made at the window. Alternately you a make bookings online to save time. By the way the website mentioned on the board does not work-
The ticket rates as mentioned on the board are as follows-
However these are not the updated rates on the board. We hired a full gypsy for …