Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Papadum Show- Health Book: Day 52

The crispy, crunchy snack is a store house of benefits, which many are not aware of. As a child I loved the fried papad served with Khichri or during evening snacks. Now when I am on the healthy track, I was taken aback by what I researched on Papad. No, don’t mistake me for a PhD holder in papad, but I am only adding value to your healthy life style.

Papad is made of lentils or chickpea flour, hence it is a healthy thing to consume. However, the way you cook it, gives direction to the nutrition of the same. Many people deep fry it (Like my my Mom did when I was young). Refrain from deep frying that kills the nutrients of papad and adds cholesterol.
The healthiest way of preparing is to roast it on stove or microwave it.
  • Papad is very low on fatty acid and cholesterol. Hence recommended for heart patients or those on dieting plan.
  • It is high in carbohydrates hence a rich source of energy for daily activities or exercising.
  • Papad has dietary fiber content that can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It normalizes bowel movements and helps maintain bowel integrity and health. Because of its fibers, papad is useful for controlling blood sugar levels and it lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • This is rich in folate which is beneficial especially for expecting ladies, for whom folic acid tablets are recommended. Papad is a good snack for the same.
  • 1 ounce or 28 g of papad contains 48 mg calcium and more than 70mg Magnesium.
  • Other essential dietary vitamins like Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and copper are also present in parts.
  • The fact that papad is made of lentils, makes it a healthy eating option for all. However, the only disadvantage in papad is a high presence of sodium (489 mg in 28 gm)

You can add chopped onions, tomato, chillies to the papad which is popularly called Masala Papad. Savor the great flavor while eating right!
Get a packet of papad from the grocery store next time and make it a part of your healthy snacks. However, DO NOT DEEP FRY it please!
Stay healthy stay blessed!

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