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Cut the paani, save the Earth

How many of us recognize the legend Rajendra Singh? Also known as the 'Water Man of India', Rajendra Singh has helped revive water table in the dry region of Rajasthan and contributed towards water conservation through several methods of rain water harvesting. Decorated with Magsaysay Award, he was instrumental in bringing water back to over 1,000 villages and revived five rivers in Rajasthan, Arvari, Ruparel, Sarsa, Bhagani and Jahajwali.  If Rajendra Singh could do it, why cant we? His foresightedness has helped villagers survive drought. When are we going to do something about the receding water table and shortage of drinking water?

An initiative by Livpure #CuttingPaani has created a buzz everywhere which aims to create awareness on cutting down water wastage for the larger good. The video conveys it nicely.

Not only in restaurants or homes, one can practice this at their workplace as well. Take a look at the video showing the same. 

Current situation of water: Grim

-Water table is fast depleting and drinking water is NOT infinite.

-2015 saw Cape Town the worst effected with drought. Possibility of Day Zero was declared in January 2018 when the municipality would be forced to shut down the water supply and residents would rely on water collection points for drinking water with a cap of 25 litres for each household.   

-Mexico, Jakarta, Sao Paulo are struggling with scarce supply of water. 

Future situation of water: Grimmer

-Human's increasing demands for freshwater and protecting the eco system will be perhaps the biggest challenges to meet in coming few years.

-Melbourne, Australia may run out of water by the end of the decade.

-Water stress is increasing in India, China and Sub Saharan Africa. Bangalore is next on the list to be hit by severe water crisis. 

Best ways to save water and the grim situation:

1- Cut down wastage of water

-Use wet cloth or sponge to clean your car. Using water through hosepipe to wash cars wastes approximately 20-30 liters of precious water. Hubby bought a portable car washer that uses less than 1 liter of water. The water scarcity news badly effected him and he stopped using the car washer machine. He switched to microfiber cloth to clean wipe his car. pledging to zero water wastage. He feels proud about it and I appreciate his little effort towards saving water for the planet.

-Always carry a water bottle. This will avoid wastage of water in glass and will prevent you from buying plastic water bottles while travelling. 

-Turn the taps off when not in use. Every 5 minutes of running tap water drains out 4-5 liters of water. 

-Mop, don't wash. Husband was visibly disturbed after the water crisis of Cape Town did the rounds in news channels. He pulled up his socks and decided to contribute with the smallest things he could. For instance, he instructed the maid to mop the backyard and porch instead of throwing water and wiping. After all every drop counts.  

-Practice half flush- Using half the water for flush will help save 2-3 liters of water in one go. Small efforts only go a long way.

-Do not leave tap open while washing utensils. Infact washing utensils under running tap accounts for a huge wastage. If utensils are stacked together and rinsed with water from a tub,an individual will contribute saving 9-10 liters of water everyday. 

2. Reuse water 

-Birds die thirsty in the scorching summer. Reuse the left over disposable water in earthen water bowls for birds. You can use it for your pet's water bowl too. Even better, I collect water in a bottle to spray on leaves of trees in my garden/colony.  

-Use the unused drinking water from glass for plants/trees. They need it the most during summers.
Pic courtesy:

-The above picture has been very popular on social media. This arrangement will direct used water to the flush tank. A two-in-one benefit straightaway!

- The water used for mopping the floor can be put to use by sweeping the terrace or staircase.  

3. Rainwater Harvesting 
Photo credit: Wikipedia
This is an age old practice that can stock millions of gallons of water. Careful and smart ways of water conservation can save us from drought like situation. Communities/ residential associations should come together to adopt rainwater harvesting.  

4. Protect trees

Depleting water table and other climatic changes run in a vicious cycle. Increasing population has led to deforestation and that further adds to global warming and shortage of water. How about doing your bit by planting trees around you? You can start with an occasion like birthday or anniversary and plant saplings. In next twenty years, you would be proud of your contribution with some fresh air to the environment and home to birds/rodents. Save the old trees. No body should encourage wood chopping or felling of trees. Remember, more trees means less CO2 emission and more oxygen.

5. Solar Power 

Solar power is used to produce electricity and reduces the pressure on hydro electricity. More the use of solar power, lesser the use of water and lesser the electricity bills. Even if a single solar panel can produce electricity for tubelights or fans of household, imagine the reduction in use of water for electricity production. Streetlights these days use solar power. Cochin has world's first fully solar powered airport. The project costed 620 million rupees. Kolkata's international airport, is planning to build a solar plant covering around 70 acres land that would reduce its electricity bill by one third. While cost is a detrimental factor, it can be countered with mass use of solar panels on larger scale.

Every drop of water counts and saving each drop will save the planet. What are we leaving behind for the coming generations to see? Drought, floods, melting glaciers, no forests, dying fauna? Saving water will help living beings survive. Its a necessity and lets not waste it.
Mere words will not help. Our actions will help save water.  I took the first step by pledging to save water. Have you signed the petition by Livpure yet? Sign the pledge now  if you haven't. Sign it here  

Saturday, March 17, 2018

5 reasons to visit Kuta, where everyday is a celebration

Paradise Island Bali is a superb amalgam of tradition and modern that encompasses happening beaches, beautiful nature, temples, great food and rich cultural heritage. You would find a variety of everything from one stretch of Bali to the other. While Northern Bali is a quiet and less touristy place, South Bali on the other hand is quite happening and lively. Among all the places of South Bali province, Kuta is the most popular and well known destination, which pops up in your Google search when you start to research about Bali. Those visiting Bali or have visited already, here are the top five reasons Kuta gives you to visit. 

1. For the most gorgeous sunset

Amid the crowd of sporty surfers, picnic lovers and lazy beach bums, you cannot miss the golden sun cooling off in the sea, painting the sky in vibrant hues. Watching sunset at Kuta beach is extremely relaxing and calming experience. The uncomplicated thing of nature might just make you feel spiritual, next to making you feel happy. For me this was one of the best places to watch the evening sky. Of course husband had a great time experimenting with his lenses. See his marvellous captures here.

2. Release baby turtles

In order to save marine life, Bali Sea Turtle Society has initiated a noble cause. They conserve turtle eggs, let them hatch and release the baby turtles everyday. This activity happens on Kuta beach at 4pm daily wherein visitors participate for free and help release baby turtles in  water. This was one of the best activities I participated in Bali. It not only feels good but also brings you close to nature. Read more about this activity in my blog post here.

3. Happening nightlife

With the hottest restaurants, trendy clubs and super cool eating joints, Kuta is the hub of happening night life. Scrumptious food and drinks, music, and relaxed people in partying mood are the best things about Kuta. The hotels or clubs facing sea make the best location to sway with the beats. It is so mood lifting and stress busting. Even if you are a quiet non-party person, you would love the energy in the air.You might even witness public events like I saw the independence day show. 

Balinese celebrating Indonesian independence at Kuta  

4. Vibrant Kuta market

From lip smacking food and relaxing massage parlous to colorful shops selling pieces of art, Kuta market has it all.  Buddha in different forms, carnival masks, gorgeous wall decors, cute fridge magnets, comfy summer clothes and lot of other things compel one to indulge in retail therapy. I was quite attracted to the accessories shop selling neck pieces and artificial jewelry. You can spend time gorging on local delicacies or ice creams in the lanes. The best part is the presence of Indian restaurants. There are MANY! Those who prefer Indian food or vegetarian options can go for Gateway of India, whose owner is Indian and has seen many Indian celebs visiting this place, including band of boys. Kuta Market is uptown, lively and reminds me of Delhi’s Janpath minus the screaming vendors. Kuta vibes are too good to be missed.

5. Do nothing and relax at the beach 

Had a tiring day and don’t feel like doing anything? Want to spend some me-time with a bottle of your favorite beer by the beach while you cool breeze kiss your face? Or simply want your feet to relax with a massage while sipping coconut water?  Kuta is the place for you. During our 6 days of vacation in Bali, we frequented to Kuta beach almost every day besides walking through the crowded lanes of Kuta market and enjoying the activities. We felt a strong connection with the place. 

Voted as the most visited and top destination to travel, Bali wins your heart instantly.Every part of Bali has something new to show. Do let me know what has been your experience in Bali, especially Kuta.

P.S- This trip of mine happened in August 2017. The post made it to Indiblogger home page in the list of popular blog posts.

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Prem Mandir: Magic in one minute

The iconic Prem Mandir made in Italian marble, is bathed in vibrant colors every evening. And trust me, it is a sight to behold! From soothing green and bubbly blue to glittering gold and soft pink, the colors enhance the beauty of the temple. Watch the magic unfold in 1 minute.

This is a daily practice in Prem Mandir after sunset.

Prem Mandir is in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh which was opened to public in 2012. See and know more about this stunning temple here in my blog

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