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On a planet named Earth

"A dustbin is appreciated more than a girl. A furniture is more useful than a daughter-in-law. Wife is just an object for sex. She gives birth to a life, putting her own life at risk. Division of property gets more attention than division of girl's emotions&time after marriage. Yet women get accustomed to compromise on self respect. No wait, there was no room for self respect of women."
"Are you kidding me? Where do such thing happen?" the little guy asked.
"On a planet named Earth" the angel replied to the little guy.
"Holy shit! I dont wanna go there. I m happy here in Jupiter. And if women are so illtreated, they can join our planet na. Its so cool & gender neutral. We reproduce asexually n dont have to depend on men u see" The lil guy shrugged & spread its wings to fly in the sky.
The angel sighed. "How I wish to make the gender dynamics of Earth even!" And started hovering over Adam's garden, the origin of lif…

Naturals Hand & Body Lotion Review

Avon's brand Naturals has a huge variety of skin care and personal care products to choose from. I love Naturals for the blend of natural ingredients and gentle care it provides.
Naturals always offers products that you instantly fall in love with. Naturals Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion(HBL) in 200 ml pack,  is one of them. The rich creamy lotion makes your skin soft and smooth. The HBL promises a 30 hour moisture, which actually stays on your skin till you wash it away. You can feel the velvety touch for the whole day. I apply the lotion on my legs and feet before leaving from home. In evening when I wash my feet, I actually feel the lotion washing out then. My feet stays moisturized the entire day!
The HBL moisturizes skin with the goodness of milk & honey. Known for deep nourishment of skin, milkmoisturizes and smoothens skin. Honey acts a natural cleanser, moisturizer and antibacterial agent. Together these two ingredients give instant moisturization and deep no…

Product Review- Solutions Youth Minerals

Avon's brand Solutions, has a bouquet of variants catering to various skin types & needs. Soutions Youth Minerals has been designed to address the issue of pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles for age group 25+.
Your skin starts aging faster than you. Stress, poor lifestyle, hormonal changes, environmental stressors expose your skin to wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging skin and dullness. Infused with exclusiveAmethyst Mineral Complex, Youth Minerals helps in skin’s production of collagen that energizes, renews and restores youthful-looking skin from the inside. Another featured ingredient- Bio Mineral Complex which is a blend of 8 minerals with anti-oxidant properties, helps exfoliate dull surface skin cells and protect against environmental damage.
Day cream- With SPF20 and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, Solutions Youth Minerals day cream has been formulated to prevent and further protects from sun damage.  Post initial application, your skin feels more energiz…

The first expert

Participating in Indiblogger Godrej expert
“God cannot be present everywhere, so he made mothers” is a very popular proverb which stands true.  For all mothers, their world revolves around their kids. In our growing stage, kids not only depend on mothers physically, but emotionally too. Every child’s best friend is a mother, because she is only person on this plant who can sacrifice herself for her child. My mother too sacrificed a lot to bring up her kids. She let go of her prospective job and never turned back to regret. An expert in fine arts, she wanted to be a handicrafts entrepreneur but situations did not allow her for the same. As her eldest daughter, I learnt the most valuable lessons of life. Mom was an expert in fine arts. She quit her field and chose to be a housewife looking after her family and house. I call her an expert homemaker. I imbibed that quality from her and learnt to be a perfectionist. Be it cooking daily meals fo…

Mothers- My experts

Participating in Godrej My first expert on Indiblogger, Linked to Mothers are our first experts and we rely on them even before we are born, because she is the one who brings us to the world. I never saw my mother as I lost her the same day I opened my eyes. The doctors had given her a choice to save herself or me. She chose to save me. My father played the role of mom and dad both and never made me feel alone, till I started going to school and saw moms dropping their kids to school. My grannies (both daadi and naani) stepped into my mom’s shoes to nurture me. At times my aunts (bua or mausi) would drop in during my school vacations to look after me. I have seen so many women playing the role of mothers in my life. I learnt lessons from each one of their contribution.
Most of our holiday trips to nearby hill stations during my summer vacations were fun for everybody because of my Mausi. “Why did you pack warm clothes? Its summers!” I ofte…

Breaking the stereotype

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel “I got a surprise for you!” Atul exclaimed as he entered the house, smiling to his wife Sonal. He flaunted a movie DVD. Sonal’s face lit up. “Let’s watch it tonight after dinner. We had been waiting for this Hollywood blockbuster since long. What say?” Atul asked as he entered his room.

Sonal nodded as she gathered Atul’s office bag, lunch box, wallet, car keys and socks in the right place. She moved into the kitchen to cook. Atul watched news in the meanwhile, waiting for dinner to arrive. She prepared Atuls’ favorite dishes and dessert. Post dinner Atul connected the DVD player and called Sonal to join in for the movie.
“I will be back in a while”, a tired Sonal replied from the kitchen while washing utensils.
When she emerged from the kitchen, Atul was fast asleep with half of the movie watched. Sonal switched off the DVD player, refilled the water bottles & kept them in the fridge, collected …

When the ground shakes

My mother, father, my infant five months old brother and I, lied in one room under the only fan which was working amid frequent power failure. Fans of other rooms were almost motionless due to low voltage. As we tossed restlessly in our beds on that warm night of October, my baby brother started to cry. My mom sat up with him in her lap trying to lull him to sleep. I was barely eight then. The little green bulb which my mom use to switch on at night, flickered. My father wiped his sweat and turned towards the other side.
Mom had opened the windows. Yet the room was suffocating. All we needed was cold breeze. My bed was right next to the window. Unable to sleep, I opened my eyes. Outside the window, the giant Neem tree stood still, without a single leaf moving. For the first time the tree looked scary to me. Dark and ghostly, the tree made me feel more uneasy.
On the roads, strays too barked in frenzy. There was a discomfort in the chirping of birds as well. May be they were crying fo…