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Poli-ticks In the air

Elections, party, vote, society, history, common man, corruption  and so on. This is all what we hear these days with the onset of elections setting the temperature. I do not contribute vocally to such conversations but as a silent audience, observing and recording different opinions. There are times when I am tempted to speak while at times I pass a smile in amusement. The following made me go #facepalm Facepalm moment#1 Venue- In vendor office (Okhla, New Delhi) 1st person to 2nd- "What happened, you were on leave yesterday. All well?" 2nd- "Was down with bad cold & flu" 1st- "Yeah people are falling sick this season. It's Modi's virus in the air!" I stare at both of them.

Facepalm moment#2
Same office, Same 1st person, talking to 3rd person  3rd- "Which party or political icon are you supporting?" (The entire janta of the vendor office actively absorbs news on politics and voice their opinion on party and votes, the most popular ones …