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Smelly encounter

While chatting with a friend yesterday, I told him about the blog contest for Racold. While for me, this was a big contest, for him it was more than a contest as he proudly told me that Racold is the market leader in water heaters. As a sales champ in consumer durable industry from the past few years, he definitely knows the market well and his statement made me feel more enthusiastic about this blog contest :-) This is a part of Indibloggers contest Many a times I have felt the same as what the video shows. Check out the hilarious video here- What\'s that smell, Boss?
All of us, at some point in our life must have come across such messy people, who stink. At times it is the shoes of a person, while at other times it’s the smell of underarms sweat. During such smelly encounters, we either turn away our heads in the opposite direction, or ignore the stench. During one such smelly encounters, a dear colleague of mine caused a lot of stir at …

DALCOSO: Health Book :Day 77

Ok, before you get any ideas, lemme tell you DALCOSO is a dish. This is my experiment in the kitchen and the dish name has of course been christened by me. At last, after a long break from blogging, I am back to usual business. This is the 77th day of the year, so the 77th post of my YEAR HEALTH BOOK.

Daliya (oatmeal) can be really boring, yeah? Why not add fun to it and make it interesting? I returned home from work after a busy day. While looking at the jars in the kitchen, I felt like skipping dinner for today. So much is the ordeal to cook for a single person! However, daliya came to my rescue and a new dish was born. Dalcoso is a mix of Daliya, Corns and Soya bean :-)
Ingredients- Daliya (oats), A cup of sweet corns, a handful or cup of soya beans, 2 tomatoes& onions, a spoonful of oil and sesame seeds Optional- Coriander leaves, green/red chillies, pepper
Prep time- 15 minutes
Method- 1. Pressure cook daliya, corns and soya beans for 8-10 minutes. Meanwhile chop onions and toma…

#Whats that smell boss?

This contest is a part of the Indiblogger contest at

Smelly people? Well, this sounds rude! We call it body odor in a polite way. Yet the foul smell still remains a nightmare for those who smell it. I remember the foul stench from underarms of co-passengers in metro or bus while travelling to work or returning home, and I had no option but to turn away my head in the other direction to get some air. I almost choked myself on occasions when a person enters an air conditioned room with that rotten stench! The worse smell are those when the fancy deodorants blend with sweat and leave you in a bad mood! I could not be rude to those who smell bad, though my mind is ready to yell at the person, asking "What's that smell boss?"
While I can still ask my sister to leave her shoes outside the house, I don't have that liberty to do so with others! Feet smell bad. God! Why don't they wash socks? Why don't they keep their shoes out…

Scanning the distance

My friends and relatives who stay across the country and in various other parts of the world, stay in touch with me through the virtual world, i.e internet. Be it my uncle who is a well settled doctor in London, or my colleague from my previous office in Chennai (who recently had a baby) have asked me many times to pay them a visit. While internet keeps us connected undoubtedly, we cannot ignore the importance of meeting people face to face, especially when they are close to you. One may be willing to go and visit them, yet there is something which we don't share with them. It's you who bears the cost of travelling, damn it! So once when I had planned to go to London to meet my uncle's family, I did a dry run on the internet for tickets/flights. The ticket prices were sky high and I immediately dropped the idea of a vacation. How can you even plan a vacation when the travelling cost is that high! I called them to India instead :-) That was a smart move, though the disappo…

Love the #DovePlay

What is the biggest strength for a girl? I know few would say, her smile, or on and so forth. What if I'd say her beautiful tresses which she can flaunt? That's where my strength lies. Surprisingly it is my weakness as well. I want to flaunt my hair, play with them, but I am afraid. Caring about my precious locks and the thought of damaging them, makes me go weak in my legs.
I inherited wavy and thick hair from my Bengali parents. I had been possessive about my hair since childhood and was encouraged by my mom to lengthen them. Looking at other girl of my school, I wanted to style my hair. Since my mom did not let me shorten my hair, I would often end up experimenting with my wavy locks at some friend's place. At times I would cut fringes which was popularly known as "Sadhna Cut" or would play with razor cut. However, I could not leave my hair open because my hair texture wasn't smooth and straight. It was my biggest disappointment. For any gi…

Smelly feet? Health Book Day 65

Felt the awful stench from somebody's feet while travelling in public transport? Entered a closed room and you instantly wanted to leave because of a pair of smelly shoes? Often people say "Do you mind taking your shoes off?"
This sounds funny but the above can happen to your or anybody. The best example in my house is my sister whose feet emit strong odor, irrespective the weather, kind of shoes or perfume she uses. I was sick of complaining of the bad choking stench!
Bad odor may have many reasons, ranging from what food you consume to the physical activity of your body. Primarily it happens due to bacteria or fungus that breed in your feet or toes. Sharing few tips to get rid of such odor from feet and shoes-
- If you are physically active,  then you ought to sweat. Make sure you wash your feet in cold water after taking off your shoes.
-Keep your feet dry, especially between the toes as it serves a breeding ground for fungi or bacteria that cause odor.
-Try rubbing …

Beneficial "Ber"- Health Book- Day 62

The end of February or beginning of March, somewhere close to Holi, is marked by the presence of Ber or Jujuba fruit in the market. I wonder if this fruit is available in the market for the whole year or it is spotted only during this season. I love gorging on this fruit when brought home. For mothers, this is the fruit that is offered on shiv ling on Mahashivraatri. Ofcourse eaten by us later :-) BUM BUM BHOLEY!  :-) Ok, while munching ber or jujuba, I would like to share with you, some benefits of this fruit as follows-
1. Laden with anti-cancerous properties
2. Aids in controlling body weight-  Their low calorie values put together with negligible fat content makes them ideal for snacks. 3. Strengthens human immune system- Rich in vitamin C &A, and potassium, jujube helps to build and strengthen the human immune system. Hence, it also protects from cold and cough.
4. Calms your nervous system- Ok, I did not know this! Jujuba has a soothing effect on mind. Jujuba can hence be used a…

Why Green Chillies? Health Book- Day 64

Witnessing Aishwarya Rai eat green chilies in a scene from her super hit movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, made me cry. She actually ate 11 in a go! Many called it the dedication of an actress, while I felt she had the capacity to bear the heat in her mouth. I thought it was a normal act since I am sure she eats spicy. For me green chilly was a forbidden thing. Not that my family never ate green chilies, but may be because my taste buds did not develop the taste for them. I have a sweet tooth and can gorge on kilos of sweets in one go. On the other hand my sister and mother have a taste for spicy and hot food! Frankly I am scared of chillies and disregarded them from my meals. I know that excess of chilly consumption can cause gastric problems and burning sensation in stomach. They also interfere with reproductive processes and also have negative effects on sperms. Despite the negative effects of green chillies, you can gain from them in a numerous ways. 

Check out how- -Green chilies are…