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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The pressures! Health Book- Day 15

People suddenly realize the importance of healthy lifestyle only when they are bed ridden or survive something drastic. Same is for my family. As a typical Bengali family, they enjoyed gorging on meat, fish and delicacies high on cholesterol, until one fine day my dad had a stroke, my uncle (taau ji) got paralysis attack, my aunt (taai ji) had a drooping low haemoglobin count, my maternal uncle (mama ji) had issues in kidney, my mom became a sugar patient and other relatives had blood pressure problems. Few days ago, again when my dad’s BP alarmingly fluctuated and he was hospitalized, advises poured in from well wishers. Few suggested to go for a brisk walk, cut down on high calorie or protect from winters, and so on.

 Here I preach the world about good health, and look what happens in my own house!

While cleaning clutter from box beds and stacked trunks, I found some extremely useful things that my Mom had stocked long time ago, but barely used them. I made it a point that they use it every day now.
Accupressure roller for feet

Acupressure is a natural therapy which involves pressure points and their effects on our body. Getting into details of this subject may just confuse you. So let me show you some acupressure equipments that you can use within the comfort of your house and gain much from them.

The one above is an acupressure roller for your feet. Human feet have certain points as shown in the diagram. Place your foot on the roller and move your foot to and fro. The pressure points or energy points of feet get activated and you feel rejuvenated. This stimulates the nervous system and aids in blood circulation.

I am not sure what do we call these, but they have been designed for your palms. Place these between your palms and move your hands as you do while rubbing them. The pressure point of the palms when activated cure ailments like, headache caused due to sinus/migraine, upset stomach, improve eyesight, skin problems, mood swings, hair fall and so on.

Check out the pressure points of your palms in the diagram below-

Acupressure's healing touch reduces muscular tension, increases blood circulation, and enables deep relaxation. By relieving stress, Acupressure Therapy strengthens immunity and promotes wellness.
These equipments are easily available in the market at low prices. Heal yourself with acupressure. A daily practice will only make you better. Try something new for your well being!

Stay healthy, stay blessed!

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