Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fruit vs Fruit Juice. Health Book Day 16


A glass of fruit juice from a tetra pack goes straight into your breakfast glass. Have you thought of
considering the content of the so called fruit juice?

My grandma never favoured packed juices hence she used to prepare juices at home. I remember her daily afternoon rituals of juicing oranges and pomegranate and relished it! She preferred fresh juice over whole fruit, for obvious reasons; fruits are difficult to be chewed by elderly.

In both the cases, be it packed juice or fresh, a whole fruit scores more than them any given day. Tetra packed juices does not have real fruit pulps. They are only sweetened fruit flavors that add to your calorie intake. Brands which claim to have real fruit pulps in their pack, do have some percentage of the same, yet it does not match up to the benefits of whole fruit. Not to forget high sugar content and artificial colors do more harm than good.

Whole fruit or Fresh Juice?

Whole fruits have high amount of soluble Vitamins and digestible fiber (roughage). The skin of fruits is high in minerals and water, as skin is the part which is exposed to sunlight. This helps to make food for the fruit and hence the color that the fruit gets. The pulp of any fruit is a store house of high nutrients. Juices are void of nutrients you see!

While you juice a fruit, most vitamins, fiber and nutrients are lost before reaching you. Double check tetra packs next time before buying. Read the content of calories, vitamins and essential minerals.  Go for fresh juice instead of packed ones.

While juice is what kids and elder people can have, others please try to consume one whole fruit everyday, preferably on empty stomach.

                                                                      Stay healthy, stay blessed


  1. i used to love fruit juices as it was easy to get pour n drink.. bt as we start getting fruits, juice packs r rotting in bottom of our fridge.. i still buy litchi n apple as we love their juices plus litchi is hard to get in bangalore :-(

  2. Advisable to eat whole fruit than juice. Avoid tetra packed juices as much as possible. They are high on preservatives and only have added colors.


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