Monday, January 20, 2014

Two W's - Day 21

I was at the vendor’s site.

I go to the water cooler to refill my water bottle every one hour. One of the gentlemen employees notices me walking from the workstation to the cafeteria with my bottle and stops to tell me something. With a warm smile and kind gesture he says “Why do you come here with your bottle? The office boy can do that for you”.

Of course he meant that I should not be running around for these kind of tasks. I can just order and it will be on the table. To add to it, I represent a brand name, which is the vendor’s client. And clients don’t move a muscle in vendor’s office.

I politely reply “Thank you so much for your concern but I like doing my things on my own. Secondly, walking from the floor to the cafeteria is no big deal. It gives me an excuse to walk at least”

The gentleman nods, smiles and leaves.

Same evening- Same gentleman

While I sipped water from the bottle, he asked “Madam, apko kya stone ki bimari hai?” (Are you suffering with kidney stones?). He asked the scary question because he noticed me drink lot of water in a day.

“No Sir. I don’t drink water because I got stones. I drink water so that I don’t get stones in future.” 

He nodded and smiled again.

The staff in the vendors office hence realized the 2 important W’s of everybody’s life- Walk & Water.

Do I need to explain the benefits of these two W’s now?

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