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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Thai Story- Health Book- Day 28

While looking into the mirror, do you feel your thighs look odd, ugly or fat? Are you avoiding those pair of jeans because your thighs feel stuck in them and refuse to breathe when you wear them? Dude, you seriously need to tone those thighs of yours. Sharing few exercises for the same-

Scissor Kicks- 
scissor kicks

-Lie down on your back with heels also flat on the ground and palms down at your sides.
-Slide your hands beneath your hips to balance yourself and stretch your legs. Lift your legs till they are 15 cm above the ground.
-Perform a scissor like movement while lifting one leg high off the ground and moving the other one lower to the ground.
-Your legs will not cross over each other, but thighs will squeeze together while they pass each other.
-Your lower abdominal and inner thigh muscles should remain tightened throughout the activity.
-Continue with this motion for about 10 seconds or count 15.
-Go back to original position, rest for 5-6 seconds and repeat. Do 3 sets of this exercise each day.
Your inner thighs and lower abdomen are toned with this exercise.

Regular Squat Exercise
-With your legs shoulder-width apart, lower your bum down towards the ground until your thighs are parallel with the ground.
Stretch your arms forward to balance yourself.
Act like you are sit on a chair. Balance there for 3 seconds before pushing up to the normal position. Do this 15 times in a single set.

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