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Friday, May 22, 2015

Naturals Hand & Body Lotion Review

Avon's brand Naturals has a huge variety of skin care and personal care products to choose from. I love Naturals for the blend of natural ingredients and gentle care it provides.
Milk & Honey HBL

Naturals always offers products that you instantly fall in love with. Naturals Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion(HBL) in 200 ml pack,  is one of them. The rich creamy lotion makes your skin soft and smooth. The HBL promises a 30 hour moisture, which actually stays on your skin till you wash it away. You can feel the velvety touch for the whole day. I apply the lotion on my legs and feet before leaving from home. In evening when I wash my feet, I actually feel the lotion washing out then. My feet stays moisturized the entire day!

The HBL moisturizes skin with the goodness of milk & honey. Known for deep nourishment of skin, milkmoisturizes and smoothens skin. Honey acts a natural cleanser, moisturizer and antibacterial agent. Together these two ingredients give instant moisturization and deep nourishment to skin. The aroma is delectable that you cannot stop relishing.

The lotion comes in a pale yellow hue, that resembles the look of yummy custard. You start feeling hungry when the richness nourishes your skin. This is a perfect daily use body lotion.
What I loved- 
• 30 hour moisture
• Velvety smooth skin
• Non sticky, absorbs immediately
• Good quantity in the bottle, value for money
• Yummy aroma
• Ideal for both summers and winters

What I missed- 
• SPF would have been an added advantage
• No formula for anti- pigmentation/anti-aging
• The plastic lid does not shut with ease. Need efforts to push it close
The MRP is Rs 249. Avail exciting discounts on buying from Avon representative. I would recommend this product to all consumers of body lotions who want silky, velvety moisturized feel for the whole day.

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