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Saturday, May 30, 2015

On a planet named Earth

"A dustbin is appreciated more than a girl. A furniture is more useful than a daughter-in-law. Wife is just an object for sex. She gives birth to a life, putting her own life at risk. Division of property gets more attention than division of girl's emotions&time after marriage. Yet women get accustomed to compromise on self respect. No wait, there was no room for self respect of women."

"Are you kidding me? Where do such thing happen?" the little guy asked.
"On a planet named Earth" the angel replied to the little guy.

"Holy shit! I dont wanna go there. I m happy here in Jupiter. And if women are so illtreated, they can join our planet na. Its so cool & gender neutral. We reproduce asexually n dont have to depend on men u see" The lil guy shrugged & spread its wings to fly in the sky.

The angel sighed. "How I wish to make the gender dynamics of Earth even!" And started hovering over Adam's garden, the origin of life on Earth.

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