Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Product Review- Solutions Youth Minerals

Avon's brand Solutions, has a bouquet of variants catering to various skin types & needs. Soutions Youth Minerals has been designed to address the issue of pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles for age group 25+.

Your skin starts aging faster than you. Stress, poor lifestyle, hormonal changes, environmental stressors expose your skin to wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging skin and dullness. Infused with exclusiveAmethyst Mineral Complex, Youth Minerals helps in skin’s production of collagen that energizes, renews and restores youthful-looking skin from the inside. Another featured ingredient- Bio Mineral Complex which is a blend of 8 minerals with anti-oxidant properties, helps exfoliate dull surface skin cells and protect against environmental damage.

Day cream- With SPF20 and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, Solutions Youth Minerals day cream has been formulated to prevent and further protects from sun damage.  Post initial application, your skin feels more energized, soft and smooth. Within 7 days you would see a visible transformation with reduced fine lines, firmer and even skin.

Once you apply Solutions Youth Minerals day cream, you can use make up over it. The cream moisturizes skin, absorbs easily and is non greasy. Switch to an anti-ageing regimen after 25. Nourish and protect your skin at an early stage to delay ageing.

I had used Youth Minerals for 3 months and noticed a positive difference! During Diwali 2014, my friend observed the look of my skin and sought my advise for her skin too. I happily suggested Avon Solutions Youth Minerals. It is a pale purple cream, available in 50 g pack.

What I loved- SPF protection, no fragrance, non sticky/greasy, can apply makeup over it, skin looks younger and smoother after continuous use.Packaging is beautiful but not fancy. The price is much lower than competition brands. Avon's Solutions Youth Minerals is worth the money you spend!

Night Cream- Now I have coupled the day cream with night cream as well. Its working really well. Night creams are equally important as day creams. This is because the derma cells which were damaged during the day, your skin repairs them at night, for which it needs a boost of moisturizing and repair treatment. Youth Minerals night cream helps restore the skin's youth, reduces spots/lines and skin feels softer & firmer. Within 2 weeks skin feels dramatically healthy, clear and refreshed.

What I loved- Non greasy, absorbs quickly, no fragrance, beautiful packaging, effectively works on skin for quick result.  The pale purple cream is available in 50gm pack.

The only thing that I think could be improved is the container size. Though it is compact, yet a 50gm jar made of sturdy glass tends to be heavy while carrying in your bag everyday. The fact that unlike other brands, this comes in glass packaging and not plastic pack,reducing the chances of any chemical reaction to the minimum.
Avail discounts on the MRP if you buy from an AVON representative.

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