Monday, March 31, 2014

Smelly encounter

While chatting with a friend yesterday, I told him about the blog contest for Racold. While for me, this was a big contest, for him it was more than a contest as he proudly told me that Racold is the market leader in water heaters. As a sales champ in consumer durable industry from the past few years, he definitely knows the market well and his statement made me feel more enthusiastic about this blog contest :-) This is a part of Indibloggers contest
Many a times I have felt the same as what the video shows. Check out the hilarious video here- What\'s that smell, Boss?

All of us, at some point in our life must have come across such messy people, who stink. At times it is the shoes of a person, while at other times it’s the smell of underarms sweat. During such smelly encounters, we either turn away our heads in the opposite direction, or ignore the stench. During one such smelly encounters, a dear colleague of mine caused a lot of stir at workplace. It was the offset of winters and she happened to wear a long black pullover on a particular day. Many colleagues, including me felt a strange odor of dirt or mud. We realized, the itching smell of dirt apparently came from somewhere around her seat. The moment people would pass by her, they complained of a dusty odor. It did not take me long to figure out the source of the smell. It was the black sweater he had worn that day. Being a close friend of mine, I did not ignore the problem and politely told her about the unusual odor from her sweater. She did not take offence and immediately took off her pullover. I assumed that perhaps it was not washed properly. My suggestion to her was to wash the pullover in mild detergent in warm water.  Its not the human body that needs a bath always. At times its your clothes too :)
In few instances I have suggested people to use a strong deodorant or perfume. The suggestion used to be quite assertive, hence dropping hints to people about the strong body odor!

In a hilarious incident few years ago, my newly promoted boss felt embarrassed due to the smelly encounter. My team was invited for lunch to our new boss’s house. The spacious house was beautifully decorated, with every detail intricately chosen and accounted for. Right from the marbled floor, teak wood furniture, satin curtains to imported show pieces, everything about the house was classy. It smelled of high taste. It also smelled of something unpleasant. We were pleased with a warm welcome and all the affection that was showered by the hosts but only if the pungent smell wasn't present! Our new boss and his wife had left no stone unturned to make us feel comfortable. The smell continued to strangle me every minute. For obvious reasons I could not complain about the stench amid the hosts but surely dropped them hints that I was uneasy. The whole team insisted to see the balcony and terrace. The moment we were out of the room, I heaved a sigh of relief loudly saying "Thank god, its not smelling here". The boss's wife overheard me and my colleague nudged her elbow at me! Believe it or not, I did that purposefully.The rest is history :p

It is said that God gives a special skill or ability to everybody. Strange but true, I have that special ability to smell things from a distance. Not that I am a sniffer dog, but being a sinus patient, my extra sensitive nose can smell anything from a distance, faster than anybody else. This particularly happens in my yoga classes. The bad body odor gives me a bad mood. I requested my yoga instructor to suggest people taking a warm bath daily in the morning, as this helps to reduce body odor. Directly, or indirectly, I was happy to have my message conveyed without having me asked "Whats that smell boss?"

It is most advisable to take a warm water bath in the morning, to feel rejuvenated and eliminate body odor. With a product as superior as Racold in the market, I am sure warm water bath is so convenient and refreshing. A quick heating technology, not on;y saves time but also electricity!

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