Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scanning the distance

My friends and relatives who stay across the country and in various other parts of the world, stay in touch with me through the virtual world, i.e internet. Be it my uncle who is a well settled doctor in London, or my colleague from my previous office in Chennai (who recently had a baby) have asked me many times to pay them a visit. While internet keeps us connected undoubtedly, we cannot ignore the importance of meeting people face to face, especially when they are close to you. One may be willing to go and visit them, yet there is something which we don't share with them. It's you who bears the cost of travelling, damn it! So once when I had planned to go to London to meet my uncle's family, I did a dry run on the internet for tickets/flights. The ticket prices were sky high and I immediately dropped the idea of a vacation. How can you even plan a vacation when the travelling cost is that high! I called them to India instead :-) That was a smart move, though the disappointment remained in my heart for not being able to execute the most awaited trip to abroad.

To add to the woes is the time one takes to travel to the preferred destinations. You cant save money if you save time and vice versa.

So while I was growing up in a small town, it gave me wings to dream. Having stayed all my life in a small town of Uttaranchal, I many a times wondered how would life be outside my country. The thought of going out of country always fascinated me and my excitement grew with leaps and bounds with age. I traversed to Delhi for job and kept dreaming for a vacation abroad.

Now talking about the destination, I really wanna go to Bangkok. Do you really need to know the reasons? Well, there are many! One- The place is not expensive! That leaves a lot of room for shopping. Yay! A girl's instinct you see (wink wink) You save a lot of money on low cost flight for good shopping and great food on vacation. That's actually quite smart. Yeah?

Secondly- The travel time isn't long. Who wants to spend a long travel time in flight? A short trip gives you enough time for other exciting stuff like sight seeing. Needless to mention about the grand Budhhist temple, Siam Ocean World aquarium, exotic wine bars and floating markets of Bangkok.

To add to the advantage is- no jet lags!!! And the working professionals would also agree that with the scanty leave balance they have, time factor becomes rather important. Mathematically, lesser the time in travelling, more is the leisure and pleasure. Obviously we can't time travel!

All those who watched the movie SWADES (Starring Shahrukh Khan) must have seen the modes of travelling he used to reach that small village. Flight, train, bus, boat, rickshaw and what not. Yes that was economical for him, but put yourself in his shoes. Would this be feasible for you? Would you want to keep travelling in order to reach your favorite destination? It may be exciting for those who have all the time in the world and are travelers, but not the common people like us. (There again, don't underestimate the power of common man, says SRK) I might consider those travel options once I reach the destination And not TO the destination. Then only would that be travelling smart. Though I wish I had a magic wand to reach Bangkok invisible. hehe!

My gym trainer visited Bangkok last year and that increased my desire to visit Bangkok by many folds. Then I came across a wonderful website Skyscanner. Check out the website My excitement knew no bounds when the website showed a whole list of flights available on the site. It eliminated the need to do a random search on net for flights. The site gives you the entire list of flights and hotels available and the time taken to travel. My heart pumped faster and I zeroed in Bangkok for my vacation!!

Scan the sky with skyscanner and travel smart to your dream destination. Save time, save money, enjoy to the fullest and return with a load of cherish-able memories!
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