Monday, March 3, 2014

Beneficial "Ber"- Health Book- Day 62

The end of February or beginning of March, somewhere close to Holi, is marked by the presence of Ber or Jujuba fruit in the market. I wonder if this fruit is available in the market for the whole year or it is spotted only during this season. I love gorging on this fruit when brought home. For mothers, this is the fruit that is offered on shiv ling on Mahashivraatri. Ofcourse eaten by us later :-)
Ok, while munching ber or jujuba, I would like to share with you, some benefits of this fruit as follows-

1. Laden with anti-cancerous properties

2. Aids in controlling body weight-  Their low calorie values put together with negligible fat content makes them ideal for snacks.
3. Strengthens human immune system- Rich in vitamin C &A, and potassium, jujube helps to build and strengthen the human immune system. Hence, it also protects from cold and cough.

4. Calms your nervous system- Ok, I did not know this! Jujuba has a soothing effect on mind. Jujuba can hence be used as a natural anti-depressant and sedative. This also eases anxiety and stress.

5. Contains antioxidants- The large amount of antioxidants helps you protect against liver injuries and cancer. Is there a better preventive fruit?

6. Healthy and younger skin- The presence of antioxidants in the Ber makes it a natural anti-ageing agent, hence keeping your skin younger. The extracts of ber are widely used as remedies for skin redness, sunburns, and dryness. In manufacturing, jujube extracts are used in skin care products to reduce redness and swelling, wrinkles and dryness; and for relief from sunburn.

7. Healthy digestive system- Need not worry about gulping warm water or banana always. People suffering with constipation and other digestive problems gain benefit of jujuba hence.  Along with promoting digestion, dry jujubes act as gentle laxatives. This amazing fruit also promotes appetite.

8. Source of energy- This fruit, despite being low in calories, is a good energy booster. I munched just 3 or 4 of these and felt so good. Just eat these fruits to get rid of your fatigue in a quicker way. It is quite refreshing.

9. Healthy teeth, muscles, and bones- The presence of calcium and phosphorous in this super magical fruit aid in strengthening your bones and teeth. With 3 milligrams magnesium per serving can help in toning up the muscles. Jujube is used for improving muscular strength and weight hence.

10. Efficient pumping of blood- The small yet effective amount of niacin obtained from each jujube fruit ensures effective and efficient pumping of blood, thus keeping your energy levels intact.
I have a thought of planting a jujube tree in my house, if possible. Fruits are magical and such a blessing for humanity. So stay healthy and stay blessed!

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