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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Smelly feet? Health Book Day 65

Felt the awful stench from somebody's feet while travelling in public transport? Entered a closed room and you instantly wanted to leave because of a pair of smelly shoes? Often people say "Do you mind taking your shoes off?"

This sounds funny but the above can happen to your or anybody. The best example in my house is my sister whose feet emit strong odor, irrespective the weather, kind of shoes or perfume she uses. I was sick of complaining of the bad choking stench!

Bad odor may have many reasons, ranging from what food you consume to the physical activity of your body. Primarily it happens due to bacteria or fungus that breed in your feet or toes. Sharing few tips to get rid of such odor from feet and shoes-

- If you are physically active,  then you ought to sweat. Make sure you wash your feet in cold water after taking off your shoes.

-Keep your feet dry, especially between the toes as it serves a breeding ground for fungi or bacteria that cause odor.

-Try rubbing your feet with turnip juice or radish juice as these are natural deodorants.

-Wear socks whenever possible. Cotton socks or sweat absorbing socks are ideal.

-Wash and dry your socks daily or alternate days. Do not slip on wet or damp socks.

-You can soak your feet every day (atleast for a week) in strong black tea for 30 minutes. Add two tea bags in half a pot of water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Then add two quarters of cool water and soak your feet in the cool solution.

-For smelly shoes, use odor absorbing talc or anti fungal. These are easily available at all chemist shops or pharmacy. Sprinkle some in your shoes before wearing them. -Dip your feet in warm water and put drops of lemon.

-Put your shoes out in the sun once a week to get rid of the smell from shoes.

-A good pedicure twice in a month is also beneficial.

The main trick is to keep your feet and footwear dry and bacteria free. The above have helped my sister a lot and I complain less now :-) Lead a good happy life, full of health and wellness. Stay healthy stay blessed!

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