Monday, March 10, 2014

#Whats that smell boss?

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Smelly people? Well, this sounds rude! We call it body odor in a polite way. Yet the foul smell still remains a nightmare for those who smell it. I remember the foul stench from underarms of co-passengers in metro or bus while travelling to work or returning home, and I had no option but to turn away my head in the other direction to get some air. I almost choked myself on occasions when a person enters an air conditioned room with that rotten stench! The worse smell are those when the fancy deodorants blend with sweat and leave you in a bad mood!
I could not be rude to those who smell bad, though my mind is ready to yell at the person, asking "What's that smell boss?"

While I can still ask my sister to leave her shoes outside the house, I don't have that liberty to do so with others! Feet smell bad. God! Why don't they wash socks? Why don't they keep their shoes out in the sun. It was in 2010 when I was travelling from Delhi to Jaipur with my friends in Volvo for vacation. The air conditioned bus had closed windows, without any scope to open. One of the passengers had taken his shoes off. The entire bus was stinking with a rotten smell of those dirty socks. I kept shuffling on my seat and covering my nose every minute. I got restless and eventually threw out. The conductor had to stop the moving bus to get the bus clean.

"Are you feeling unwell?" the conductor asked me.

"I am ok. Its the bad smell of somebody's socks that made me sick!" I replied coughing and grasping for my breath.
Other co-passengers nodded their heads in agreement and it was only then that they complained of the foul smell of somebody's socks! Eeh! Post a lot of hub bub and a short break in the middle of the journey, when we boarded the bus again, to our surprise the smell was gone! The person was smart enough to remove his socks after hearing our conversation. So much for a foul smell!! Haha! (Here I am assuming the socks belonged to some gentleman and not a lady, as its the socks of a man that smells most of the times. No offence meant :p )

I recently wrote a blog post on how to get rid of smelly feet and posted on social networking sites. Since I could not say it directly, I said it those people who actually need a hot water bath in morning, through my blog and tagged them on social sites. The intelligent ones understood what I meant, and the ignorant ones are laughed at.
This is the best that I could have dealt with smelly people. I really wish to educate them about body odor. When we take a bath with warm water, our skin feels refreshed and the sweat glands emit less of foul smell. Haven't we heard that washing clothes or utensils with luke warm water takes off the oiliness and dirt debris from them completely. The same trick goes for our body. So why not feel reborn every morning with a hot water bath from Racold?

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