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The simple things that bring smile to many faces, are present around us in every shape and form. All we need is a knack to recognize them and let those simple things flow. Why wait for special occasions? We humans tend to make things complicated as we have forgotten those little wonders. What makes me happy in such Byzantine? Oh, I love bringing in back those simple things to life. In other words making others happy makes me happy!
Happiness is a whole family eating and watching a movie together. Our life seems to run on a fast track, that the joy of togetherness is long lost. A warm meal while watching a good humorous film or chatting, not only bonds the family but also brings cheer to everyone. What’s better than seeing a happy family sharing the simple moments of joy? How does one wait for a special time? This is my inspiration for a happy life.

We keep waiting for summer vacations or weekends or family weddings to break our monotonous routine and spend a happy time. My thought is little different. Why wait for a weekend. You may feel at peace in a spa even on a weekday after work. I quote my example to everybody who crib on job and no-time-for-hobby. I loved writing, so I turned my hobby into a career. I draw happiness from the work that I enjoy the most. Writing. My hobby was my passion, and now a career. So why not live in the moment and feel the everyday joys? My mother does the same. She loves plants and the terrace garden that she has maintained.  She spends time with the plants, literally talks to them and the happiness that she gets is priceless! Mom does not wait for special events to happen. She draws joys from her present! Yay! Like mom like daughter!

When I had moved to Delhi and started working, I started volunteering at animal NGOs and shelter houses. My deep concern for strays almost made me an animal activist. (‘Almost’ because my full time job barely left me with time for such service during weekdays). I started to feed the strays of my colony. In no time, I befriended all dogs. Feeding them, playing and spending time with them became my daily routine. I loved to see the dogs welcome me by wagging their tails and rushing to me for their daily treat as I returned from work. I took the sick ones to vet, medicated the injured ones and spent most of my free time with 11 dogs of my colony. I was named “The dog girl” by my neighbors. Soon they too joined me in looking after the strays. Those dogs taught us harmony, love & care. Nothing could have made me happier then. I was able to bring happiness and refreshment to the life of those innocent dogs. A mutual love and learning it was! The simple gesture of kindness always spreads joys and makes you happy. Everyday became a special day. Even today as I moved to Gurgaon post marriage, I befriended a stray and named him Bruno. A furry, brown Bruno has all the capacity to lift my mood after a bad day. As I was upset yesterday over a household issue, Bruno came running to me as I stepped out of the house. He rubbed his head against my knee, raised his paw as a gesture of hello and wagged his tail. I forgot my worries instantly. Happiness come in small packages. Big events are not required you see.

Happiness is seeing calmness and smile on your husband’s face as he enters the house. And the reason behind that smile? You got a Sandalwood incense stick, fresh flowers in the vase, changed the linens and put on soft music. He leaves his office worries outside the house and stands by you, relaxed, rejuvenated and happy. Who said simple things don’t make people smile? Add joys in little doses and make the world happy!
Donate your old books and clothes to orphanages or shelter homes. You would notice how you added cheer & joys to their life. Those who were deprived of these basic necessities, would bless you whole heartedly. Simple and satisfactory, isn’t it?

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