Thursday, April 9, 2015

Snapped the deal

The simple things that bring smile to many faces, are present around us in every shape and form. All we need is a knack to recognize them and let those simple things flow. We humans tend to make things complicated as we have forgotten those little wonders. What dil ki deal does one strike in such byzantine? Oh, I love bringing in back those simple things to life. In other words making others happy makes me happy too!

I went to a salon few days ago for a foot massage. In the middle of the therapy, I asked the guy about the foot relaxation points, techniques and from where he was trained. Calmly answering my questions, he looked worried whether or not I was happy about the service. And then I asked him his name.
“Suraj” he answered, as it brought a smile on his face.

I realized, very few people ask their names. My question made him feel special. I had left an appreciation note for him in the visitor’s book and thanked him in person. Like others, I could have availed the services and left, as he was just doing his job. But I managed to get a smile on his face. Little gestures like this, does magic.

When I had moved to Delhi and started working, I started volunteering at animal NGOs or shelter houses. My deep concern for strays almost made me an animal activist. (‘Almost’ because my full time job barely left me with time for such service during weekdays). I started feeding the strays of my residence colony. In no time, I befriended all dogs. Feeding them, playing and spending time with them became my daily routine. I loved to see the dogs welcome me by wagging their tails and rushing to me for their daily treat as I returned from work. I took the sick ones to vet, medicated the injured ones and spent most of my free time with 11 dogs of my colony. I was named “The dog girl” by my neighbors. However, my landlady was against the whole act of kindness. She hated to see the dogs huddle near the gate waiting for me. They tore the door mat at times or pooped on the roads. She warned me to keep the dogs away from the house lest I should search for a new accommodation. Against all odds, I followed my heart and continued to help the strays. At last I got a notice from my landlady to vacate her house. The news spread around and neighbors were shocked to hear that. But they helped me search a new accommodation in the next lane promising me to be by my side. Soon they joined me in looking after the strays who changed the lane after I changed my residence. Those dogs taught us harmony, love & care. Nothing could have made me happier then. I was able to bring happiness to the life of those innocent dogs as well. A mutual love and learning it was! The simple gesture of kindness always spreads joys. It was a perfect dil ki deal for me which I struck after following my heart.

Happiness is seeing calmness and smile on your husband’s face as he enters the house. And the reason behind that smile? I got a Sandalwood incense stick, kept fresh flowers in the vase, changed the linens and put on soft music. He left his office worries outside the house and spent time with me, relaxed, rejuvenated and happy. Who said simple gestures don’t make dil ki deal? I added joys in little doses, make him feel special and what followed was magic! After months of hectic schedule and frustration, I saw my husband smile & calm. He drove us for dinner to his favorite restaurant.

In another instance that I remember, I strongly followed my heart, bypassing all official regulations and mind. It was my first month with my new employer post MBA. As an intern, I was bound by rules and strict no-leave policy. My best friend Atul, who was my colleague, had gone on an emergency leave for his dad’s heart surgery. The week passed by in his absence. On the day of uncle’s surgery, I happened to call Atul. He was stressed and I found him sobbing. Needless to say, any child would feel the same under such circumstances. I managed to calm him down and disconnected the call. My heart was bleeding. I cursed myself for leaving my best friend in the hospital alone, but thought about the no-leave policy.

“Damn the policy” I murmured to myself as I packed my bag to leave from office.

“It’s an emergency. My uncle needs me. He is in hospital,” I told my senior who stared at me. I might have lost my job for an unplanned leave, yet I chose to follow my heart. The thought running in my head was that I would get a new job, but not a friend like Atul who really needs somebody in the hospital. The moment I reached hospital, Atul broke down. Uncle was in the operation theatre, with few more hours left for the surgery to end. I stood by him, assuring uncle’s speedy recovery and well-being. The emotional support that I extended to Atul at that point in time made him stronger I guess. My reporting boss called to demand an explanation for the uncalled absence in office. I did not lie to her and explained the entire situation. Surprisingly, she approved my leave. By grace of God, Uncle recovered post operation soon. The day still brings tears to my eyes thinking of the incident when I followed my heart over my instincts to be with my best friend.

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