Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's a girl!!!

“It’s a girl!” The alley thundered with triumphant applause. As she opened her eyes, compliments poured in for my family. I can imagine how my parents felt at the top of the world in that joyous moment.  My near and dear ones showered my sister with their love and blessing.

Amid all the love and care, she started to grow up.  She was the apple of our mother’s eyes. Mom never said no to her little desires. Yet she wanted her to be independent and taught her to face the world with courage, just like she had taught me. She spread her baby wings to fly and mom encouraged her throughout.  In very less time, she learnt the values of life. Our father silently stood by her in all the little tricks that she grabbed. Those small tricks earned us a living. All her life, our mother worked very hard to feed us. Our father’s firm determination and positive thinking nurtured us.
We survived on whatever my family or I could do for a living. So what if God made us that way? So what if the rest of the mankind hated us? We were born that way. In her growing phase, as she passed by in the alley, she noticed people shutting their doors and windows on her. She wondered if her presence was so much detested. Why was our community happy when she was born? Why was the human race treating her different? I had no answers to her questions. Perhaps her head was buzzing with questions that day too when she was knocked down. Somebody had attacked her. She fell half unconscious.

“Mom! I killed one” I heard a kid shouting in victory.
“Switch on the mosquito repellant machine instead of clapping on them!” said the kid’s mother as she switched on the repellant machine. My sister died in no time. I had to leave her lifeless body and flew out of the window.
RIP dear sister mosquito.


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