Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Avon Naturals Acai & Pear body lotion

Avon Naturals Acai & Pear HBL
I bought Avon's Naturals Sparkling Pear and Acai Juicy Moisture Hand & Body Lotion- 200 ml

I love the natural flavors of Avon Sparkling Pear and Acai Naturals Hand & Body Lotions. Today when the market is flooded with variety of products that claim big on technology and ingredients, Naturals, as a sub brand of Avon is different. I gave it a try because I love natural ingredients and products with less or mild chemicals. Avon Naturals just fits into my requirement.
The Sparkling Pear and Acai flavoured body lotion smells too good. The fragrance is neither strong nor light. The former means less harsh chemicals, which is exactly what I wanted. Too strong a fragrance also causes headache to me at times.

The light texture of the lotion off white in color. The lotion feels light weight and gets easily absorbed onto your skin. Skin does not feel oily or heavy at all. The fragrance does not remain on skin for long, which is okay for me, as long as it moisturizes skin for long. The lotion is soothing and can be used daily on arms and legs. It keeps your skin smooth and nourished. The back panel of the lotion does not show acai as one of the extracts, yet presence of glycerin, mineral oil and pear extract solves the purpose for me. Pear extract is known to lighten skin tone and controls oil on skin.

The packaging is nice. The green label showing acai and pear as ingredients are apt and absolutely give this a natural look. The 200 ml pack is priced at Rs 189 which is economical. Compared with other brands, Avon products are priced less and there are high chances that you buy them at lesser offer prices! Its a fairly priced product.
My skin feels soothed after applying the refreshing HBL. This was a perfect treat for my skin during summers. However, I may not buy this during winters, as skin needs more moisturization and heavy textured HBL.
What I liked-
  • The natural light fragrance
  • Light weight texture
  • Presence of pear extract
  • Gives smooth and moisturized skin
  • Fairly priced
What I missed
  • No SPF
  • Fragrance does not stay long, unlike other brands.
A repeat purchase?

Take care of your skin. Stay healthy stay blessed
From my year health book, this is day 135 on May 6th' 14.

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