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Monday, May 5, 2014

Avon Solutions Refined White- Health Book -Day 125

The Skin care manufacturing giants recognized India as a huge potential market for fairness products. Little do people realize that fairness creams DO NOT change complexion. If changing our skin complexion was that easy, the world would have been a “fair” place! The creams only form a layer on the epidermis (the outer surface of skin) with a white tint. (Many a times we see people with whitish tint or a patchy layer on their faces. That’s what fairness creams do).

We can only improve our skin tone or add a glow/brightness. Fairness products should work on the inside of skin cells. Avon claims Solutions refined white works from within the skin cells to impart brightness and clear complexion within 1 week. I took the challenge.
Avon Solutions Refined Day &Night

I was happy about the fact that Solutions does claim to make you fair. I liked the technology that works on the skin and how does a blend of science and nature come together as a miracle. I used Solutions Day cream for more than 1 month and Night Cream for 2 months and saw a remarkable improvement in my skin.

The technology- Dark skin complexion is attributed to presence of melanin inside skin. More the melanin, darker the complexion. (Though more melanin eliminates chances of skin cancer or harm from UV rays).  Solutions Refined White range is infused with Silk Peptide Fiber which is a natural protein fiber made of amino acid. Our skin is rich in amino acids too, so adding the right amount & type of silk to right products can strengthen our skin structure. When silk peptide molecules enter the dermis (inside the skin layers), it makes skin look plumper, younger and rebuilds skin cells. Silk is also a good absorber of moisturizer and delivers moisture, prevents skin dehydration and makes skin silky, smooth.
Solutions Refined White has the right amount of Silk peptide fiber and helps increase skin cell proliferation, ultimately helping to bring fresh, clearer skin cells to the surface and removing excess melanin. This leaves skin looking brighter and lighter with fewer discolorations.

Day Cream- I was apprehensive about using Solutions Refined White day cream, as most of the day creams make skin oily. However, Solutions Refined White proved my inhibitions wrong. Neither did it leave my skin patchy with white tints nor oily. Day cream claims to have a broad-spectrum SPF 20/PA++ that shields skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. (UVA damages skin superficially causing tanning, while UVB damages skin cells from inside causing skin aging). Day cream if formulated with Vitamin C as a powerful anti-oxidant that counteracts skin-damaging radicals throughout the day. My skin felt smooth and even immediately. I use it daily as a base before applying makeup. I recommend the day cream for everyday use.

Night Cream- Always use night creams that is light on skin and allow your skin to breathe while you sleep. Solutions Refined White Night Cream has a super light texture that feels lightweight on skin. Does not leave skin greasy. Formulated with Silk Peptide Fiber, it inhibits skin darkening. After initial application, my skin felt soft, smooth, radiant and non greasy. Within 2 weeks you find your skin visibly smooth, with less discolorations and improved clarity. What explains better than a compliment (which I got from a colleague on my improved skin tone post using Solutions Night Cream).

Packaging- is good and looks premier. The 50g cylindrical jar with silver lid and pink label is easy to carry into your bag.  The labelling was bit of a turnoff. The day cream jar has text “Day cream SPF20/PA++” which is not visible. The night cream mentions “whitening cream” instead of night cream, which is confusing. You would not be able to differentiate between the two jars unless you catch the text on the label.
Give the right food to your skin, stay healthy, stay blesssed. This is my 125th post of the year on the 125th day of 2014.

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