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Friday, April 11, 2014

Tanned? Health Book- Day 101

Pull up your shirt sleeves and see the difference in the skin tone. Body parts exposed to the sun are dark as they are tanned, while the covered ones appear normal. This is one of the worse effects of summers. Okay, don't panic, keep calm and read the home remedies to de-tan yourself. Tried and tested grandma's methods and approved by health/derma experts.

Lighter complexion with lemon
-When life throws lemons at you, use them to de-tan!Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that helps skin to get rid of tanning.
Rub fresh lemon juice on your face, elbows or hands. If lemon juice sounds messy or those who think why to waste lemons, they might as well utilize the used/squeezed lemons. Despite the juice already gone, the remains of the lemon cover/shell still retains the rich content of vitamins. Rub the lemon peel on your tanned parts, elbows or knees. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.

-Pass on the papaya! Did you know that papaya is a skin lightening agent? No? How could you not know that? Papaya is full of antioxidants and Vitamin A&C that gives your skin a glowing fair texture. Rub the flesh of papaya on skin or mash a portion of papaya and use as mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. Discover a de-tanned and soft skin!

-Potential potato- If you have a mild tan, rub peeled potato skin on the affected area. See how well the peels work on your skin before being trashed! You can apply raw potato juice as well. Rich in vitamin C, potato works really well on dark circles around the eyes which look darker on tanned facial skin.

Exfoliate with almonds
-Expresso exfoliate - When you are tanned, exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. Soak a few almonds in water
overnight and the next morning, grind them till you get a fine paste and add equal quantities of milk. Apply this mixture to your hands, face and feet for 20 minutes. Sounds expensive? Well yes, almonds are expensive. See an economical method then- Apply a paste of oatmeal powder, yogurt, lime juice and tomato juice and wash it with cold water after keeping it for half an hour. A 100% guaranteed de-tan is assured!

-Cuddly curd- Curd is not only refreshing and good for stomach but works wonders on skin during summers.  Mix curd and chickpea (besan) and apply on tanned areas. Wash with cold water when dried.  Tanned skin will disappear.

-Toss the tomato- Enriched with Vitamin A, C& astringent properties, tomatoes help ypu get a clear skin
Tomatino Facial
complexion and rid of acne as well. Rub tomato pulp or a slice of raw tomato on your tanned parts. Alternatively mix a tablespoon of honey in tomato juice to make a thick paste. Wash after 15 minutes of application. Your tanned skin will be history!

With the advent of cosmetics and skin care products, we land up doing more harm than good to our skin. There is no better remedy than the natural ones, keeping the harsh chemicals at bay.

Stay healthy stay blessed! 

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