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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vedic Collection BB cream

Vedic Collection, a relatively new name in the skin care market has Tatha as one of its brands under its umbrella. The natural products without chemicals/toxins are made with organic ingredients that are safe and light on skin. As the brand focuses on skin care solutions, their only cosmetic BB cream comes loaded with organic goodness plus make up benefits.

The brand claims "The versatile skin care/make up hybrid beauty balm promises to do five or six jobs: moisturizer, primer, skin treatment, concealer and foundation. It hydrates and minimizes the appearance of blemishes and discoloration for more even complexion".

Source: Vedic Collection website- https://vedic-collection.com/fresh-face/bb-cream

The fact that this BB Cream has natural ingredients inspired me to try something different from the usual BB creams. When the first day I applied this, my face looked whitewashed with paint, since I has no clue on the quantity to be used. Post advise from the Vedic Collection team, I pumped out a little quantity and applied on my face. (Mind you, I applied a day cream first). The BB cream evenly spread over my skin giving it a natural look.

How to use- Squeeze out very little on your palm and dot over your face and neck, blending downwards gently. Apply more on dark spots or blemishes for fuller coverage.

The ingredients-
Aloe vera, green tea, sunflower, cucumber, ashwagandha, jojoba besides other basic components. The blend of these ingredients together give a cool effect, balanced moisture and even base to skin.

What's cool -
-Covers dark spots evenly.
-Evens out complexion, reduces skin discolourations after prolonged use
-Moisturises face well.
-Acts as a base or primer before you apply foundation for more coverage.
-Looks very natural and not made up.
-Feels weightless. Skin breathes free.
-Skin gets a pearly glow
-Sleek, leak proof, travel friendly bottle. Smart packaging with golden cap.
- Paraben free, not tested on animals, 100% natural and the bottle is recyclable! (These are on the product label too)

What's not cool-
-No SPF (Organic products don't have SPF) . Advisable to use day cream or SPF lotion before applying Tatha BB cream.
- Just one shade available. May not be a good match for all skin complexions.
-Not suitable for oily to combination skin. Skin feels oily after wearing BB cream for few hours. Not the best bet for summers!
-Shelf life of 10 months (For obvious reasons. It is organic without preservative)

15 ml bottle costs Rs 1025.
Not summer friendly and tends to make face oily. Yet is organic, safe on skin, gives a natural look and causes no breakouts.
An overall rating from my side- 3.5 on 5

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