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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maybelline BabyLips: Coral Flush

Going by the fad, “Orange is the new black”  coral shades are making statement everywhere! Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm storms the market with “Coral Flush” which is an absolute delight! Here’s my candid review on the lip balm.

Maybelline has always lived up to the market expectations in personal care products. Baby Lips created sizzles around with its dual benefits of lip balm and glossy sheen. The new variant Coral Flush is another feather in the cap. You can carry the travel friendly balm stick in your handbag. A little rub on the lips gets you ready in few seconds. Lips feel quenched and healthy for hours!

The product claims-
  • Infused with “Pure Color System”
  • Formula contains Vitamin E and Jojoba oil that sheds away dryness for supple lips
  • Dermatologist and allergy tested
What I loved-
  • SPF16- That’s a must have for me in my lip balm. Lips too need protection from Sun, don’t they?
  • 6 hours moisture- Yeah, I feel my lips shiny and moisturized for hours. The lip balm stays for long time.
  • Lips feel smooth and soft, making them ready for lipstick application. Lips don’t chap.
  • Strong moisture care and sun protection gives lips a perfect weather defence in strong sun, wind or cold. That’s an all weather care!
The downs- 
  • Color base isn’t strong. Since it is translucent, pink or orange isn’t of much significance.
  • No fragrance or aroma from the lip balm. Its just the color. Perhaps these are the only two downs. Lip balms ideally don’t have aroma, yet I expected a tangy fragrance looking at the delectable color)

To use- You need to turn up the base of the lip balm a little and apply the tube.

The packing is sleek and leak proof.
The price- 4.5 G tube costs Rs 150. You can get it a lower cost from other online portals. Totally worth the price!
I would rate it 4 on 5. I even apply at night before sleeping, for smooth and cushioned lips in the morning. Go grab the lipbalm today!

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