Thursday, January 28, 2016

The gone man

Indo-Chinese border, knee deep snow, hunting animals for a living in adverse climate, no roads or electricity, interrogating terrorists, journey across the nation, dedication to work, transfers, officers party and so on….Each story by you was hooking. Some sent shivers down my spine, some tickled me. Writing a book on your narrated stories was my dream, which unfortunately could not happen. Dedicating this first blog post to you, for you were a loved, respected and an admired man. Though I did not want my first post on you like this, but life often has something else in store for us.

For you Baapi..

The only wish on my lips now is to have you back,Wondering how to could convince God for this hack.Going away was so easy for you, is it?Killing our togetherness by every bit?

Who will have tea with me now, who will narrate his service days stories,who will talk about China border, who will flaunt IB’s victories?As you left, there is a void within us and also a lump in my throat,You will be badly missed as the anchor of our family boat.

15th Jan 2016- The day I lost my father-in-law. Rest in peace dad. You were extremely generous & honest with a heart of gold. Miss you 

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