Friday, January 29, 2016

My love for blogging

The journey- I did not know what does a blog mean. Totally unaware of the term blogging, I had first heard of this word from the legendary Amitabh Bachhan who interacted with his fans through his blog. That’s when ‘blogging’ caught my attention. However I did not advance towards starting my own blog, since I was too busy with my post graduate studies. Exams and assignments were more important than blogging that time. Reading and writing remained my first love, but I barely found time to pursue them.

And then the day came; Something I had been running away from, caught me by my neck.

I always aimed to be in the advertising field. When my college placement cell announced the campus interview from an ad agency, my joys knew no bounds. I left no stone unturned to crack the group discussion and written test. Among 30 odd students, I was the privileged one to be short listed for the personal interview. My heart pounded and feet trembled. I had given my 100 percent. The interviewer was impressed! The last question she asked me before the session ended was “Do you blog?”

Without thinking about consequences, confidently I affirmed ”Yes, I do” biting my lip and hiding my nervousness.

Blogging educates you 
Thanks to my stars, she did not ask for my blog URL; because I would have been blank if she did or probably would have lost that job opportunity. Post interview, I headed straight to the computer lab and the first thing I did was created my blog. Hence a blog URL and a blogger was born. This ain’t a fake story. This dates back to November 2008.

So a blog that was built on a lie, became my identity. I loved to write and what better way than blogging? It gave me the freedom to express. It made me fearless and independent. My writing style and content evolved from personal stories to brand events or reviews. A hobby turned into passion and then profession. I write at work (as I am a copywriter) and on my blog too. Blogging changed my life by giving me a purpose, direction and meaning.

Blogging is fun
Words are precious. Each and every word on the blog represents honest feelings; be it personal or for any brand. Since I am bad at verbal expression, all the unexpressed emotions go on the blog. At times when my hubby and I fight, I vent out in my blog. haha! So much has blogging become a part of me. My hubby would also check my blog often to read my stories, brand associations or lashing out!!

I blog on numerous topics. With time I concentrated on health care, environment, travel & food, as the realization dawned upon me that a person cant be good at everything. Blogging helped me find my niche.

Three years later, my blog landed me with a second job. The employer looked at my blog posts and offered me a job immediately. This was in June 2011. A full fledged career through my blog is a reason strong enough for me to love blogging. The blog “Unleashed” turned out to be my source of living.

Blogging makes you social
Besides writing of my own, it is my duty and responsibility to read others’ blogs. I constantly look forward to network with them and learn something new. Blogging has liberated me and taught that learning never stops at any age. Blogging gave me a direction to meet new people, open my mind to new ideas/ventures and become an active listener. Blogger meets are a great platform to connect with like minded people. Its only with the support and readership of bloggers/readers one gets recognized or accolades for posts written.

Gone are the days when writers used to stay aloof. Blogging has only changed the image of writing. Blogging has made me social. It has the power make you a better person. It worked magic for me!

Blogging is fun and food for thought. When I am doing nothing, I would write on my blog. Its a hobby, a passion, a recreationand at t he same time a serious activity. I take it seriously, because I value it.

So my blog has shaped me as an individual and a professional as well. I follow what Steve Jobs said; “Do what you love and love what you do”. I chose to blog hence.

Contest entry for India Fashion Interface by Roposo and Pearl academy

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