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Friday, December 13, 2013

Together, a beautiful "We"

On the highs and lows together
I knew you when our friendship was so raw,
we shared the same skipping rope,
hung on to the same sea-saw.
The memories still brew fresh in my mind,
when we left others behind,
in our notorious pranks on our neighbors
and we loved our life's spicy juicy flavors!

Partners in crime scolded together
You stole money from your dad's wallet and bought ice creams for both of us,
which your parents came to know and created a lot of fuss,
I shared the scolding with you as we were partners in crime,
our bonding grew stronger which was never to sublime.

"Sisters"? our new teacher asked us on the first day to school,
"Yes" you replied with a smile on your face,
and since then in our lovely bonding,
ego had no space.

My mum made sure to buy anything double,
one for you, and  another for me,
because you and I together made a beautiful WE.
I smile when I look at the doll that you gave me on my 8th birthday,
I remember how I had treasured it,
never gave it to anybody to play.

secrets well guarded
Those little chits that we passed in our classroom,
fills me with nostalgia now, as I remember
how for our poor classwork we were reprimanded,
and how those secrets remained between us so well guarded.

Our late night conversation and gossip sessions,
together our homework and swimming lessons,
just brought out our best in us,
I had many friends, but none like you,
who made my life bright and beautiful too.

I cried when a kid pushed me on the playground,
You always lent me a shoulder
you pushed her on my behalf and turned the world around,
you lent me your shoulder when I cried,
and stayed there with me till my tears dried.

I grew dependent on you for almost everything,
including my mood swings and solution to my problems,
you patiently counselled me to be a calm person,
and so well handled all my tantrums.

No, I was not a spoiled child at all,
it was just that while growing up there was not a single day I did not see you,
it was you who understood my condition whatever I went through.

The thought of parting with you was a nightmare,
but someday that would happen, you were aware.
My heart skipped a beat, to know you will be far from me,
but you consoled me each second with your words
saying "Distance does not matter, together we still make a beautiful we"

Friends forever
We were inseparable since childhood,
till the day you left to a different city for higher studies,
we were torn physically apart,
yet the best buddies.

Poem dedicated to my childhood and best friend Namita, who is in Australia now, leading a happy married life. I love you Namita and feel blessed to have you as my best friend. Could not write more lines on you as my eyes just brimmed up,
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