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Vedic Collection's Tatha Skin Care

Tatha, is an organic skin care brand under the umbrella brand Vedic Collection, founded by Dr. Divita Kanoria. All products of Vedic Collection are absolutely natural without preservatives, paraben or chemicals. And this is what attracted me the most to the brand. A whole media kit of Vedic Collections’ Tatha products was given as trial pack in cute organic wooden box. Here’s my review on two products from the box-

Review of Tatha Face wash- Almond

The first look- The moment I opened the cap of the cute little jar, the yummy aroma hypnotized me. The texture is thick brownish jelly like, mixed with almond particles. The aroma will linger on to your senses and you would feel like eating it. One extra point for a natural scent.

The packaging- So stylish and cute. Easy to carry in hand bag or even while travelling. The golden cap and the little spill proof glass jar are absolutely stunning. The jelly texture is another reason for it to be spill proof.

The ingredients- as per the label are: coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, almond, honey. Rich in protein and vitamin D, it soothes, softens, nourishes and conditions skin.

How to use- Take a small quantity on your hand, rub palms with water and apply on face, leaving eye areas. Very less lather will form on palms. But don’t get trapped! The lather is because of almonds and honey. Upon initial application you might find it greasy and difficult to wash off. But you have to rinse well with water after massaging on face.

The results- The face wash will leave your face squeaky clean. Skin will not feel dry at all, unlike face wash of other brands from the market which tend to dry your skin after washing. The presence of natural oils prevents doing so in Tatha’s case. After wash, your skin feels nourished, bouncy without having the moisture stripped off from skin.

Word of caution- Avoid eye contact. Eyes will get burning/itchy sensation if face wash comes in contact with eyes. Splash eyes with water if that happens.

My recommendation- 100% yes! I loved this unique face wash and recommend to all those who are looking for natural products for their skin. It is safe and soft on skin. I rate it 4 on 5.

Review of Tatha Face scrub- Normal
The first look- The dry content inside the jar left me wondering about its usage. Usually scrubs of market are not so dry. But then again, I realized this is natural product without chemical binders or preservatives. The aroma is delectable for sure.

The packaging- Same as the face wash, the cute jar with golden cap looked very adorable. Neatly done, I must say.

The ingredients- as per the label are avena sativa (oats), prunus amygdalus var. dulcus (sweet almond oil), apis mellifera (bee honey), prunus amygdalus var (bitter almond)

How to use- Scoop out the scrub on your finger and dab on wet face. Focus on forehead, nose and chin, avoiding eye areas.

The result- Since the content is dry, I found it gliding on skin with difficulty. The scrub had a sticky consistency on my palm. Feels very soft and not harsh on skin. However, it did not work well on my skin, may be because I am used to the usual scrubs from market with thicker and harder granules. While scrubbing my face with Tatha scrub, the product lumped in places refusing to spread out. It was difficult to use.

Word of caution- Avoid eye areas.

My recommendation- This scrub will suit you if you have normal skin type. The scrub particles are soft on skin and not meant to exfoliate white or black heads. This face scrub is recommended for those who want mild scrub or want to exfoliate every day. I rate it 3 on 5.

My experiment- For an effective result, I mixed almond face wash with this scrub. It worked well. My face did not dry out, dead skin cells and mild white heads were exfoliated and skin looked refreshed. I can advise you to use the products together or a daily regimen if you want to see visible difference in your skin. The products are 100% natural, contain no parabens, have not been tested on animals and contain essential oils.

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