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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Informal Bar- Review

Food bloggers' meets are always unique and this time I was invited to an equally unique place named INFORMAL in Connaught Place, Delhi. The newly opened restro bar cum club is easy to locate on Tolstoy Marg, just few blocks away from British High Commission.


Against all expectations of a dark place buzzing with smoke and loud noise, Informal made a pleasant
 impression. With wooden floor and rustic walls, the place has its own charm. A well-lit ceiling instantly gets your attention. The rugged looking lockers, as explained by the staff, was for guests to store alcohol if they are unable to finish the same. The lockers are tagged with the guest name and the bottle is given to them the next time they come. A great way to relationship building with the unique personalization!

The ground floor is spacious enough for 40-50 people at one time. The staff directed us to first floor where half the floor was indoors and rest half on-looking into open terrace bar. The aesthetics are beautiful, very charming and do not look overdone. Not to forget the staff, who is super friendly and very courteous. They did not leave us unattended even for a minute. I am impressed indeed.

Informal has a large variety of food & beverages.

I started with Dahi k sholay and it was incredible. Crispy outside, tangy and soft inside. The dahi sholay left me asking for more. I coupled the snack with Virjin Mojito and it was bang on! Fresh, tangy and sweet, the drink was refreshing indeed with minimal fizz. Unlike other eating joints, Mojito wasn’t full of aerated drink. I loved it!

The second specialty dish was served in no time after we finished dahi sholay. Loved the presentation of Turkish caviar olives with lavish bread. Bread was crispy. The caviar did not suit our taste buds so we left it half eaten.

Fruit Mocktails

On the first floor, we dined in the terrace bar soaking the warmth of sun. The staff brought us basket bread with herb butter, barcelona tumaka and extra virgin olive oil. The bread platter had a good variety from soft buns to lavish bread and soft flat bread. The presentation was excellent, but the breads not that exciting. I ordered Curvature, a drink with orange chunks, lime chunks, passion fruit and peach, topped with apple juice. Hubby’s drink was a similar kind with lemon chunks replaced by apple chunks. He ordered chicken bites in charcoal with cilantro and spice parmesan sauce. Looked yummy! Hubby’s feedback- The taste was excellent but the smoky flavor was missing.

Mushroom rolls
Smokey chicken

Vodka on flame
As the day progressed with a huge variety of food on display and interaction with bloggers, we gorged on the Madrid specialty croquetas with mushroom. Deep fried and crispy, the golden rolls were loaded with cheese. Sinfully heavy but delicious.

I eyed the thin crust pizza but was too full to eat any further; though I did not miss chocolate coated lavish breads in dessert.

Informal put up a great show to mark the end to the meet with their “Vodka on flames” activity. Inverted glasses full of vodka at the base were lit up. The guests were to blow at the base of the glass to light up the flame. It soared high! Loved the activity.

My rating to Informal-

Staff Service- 5 on 5, courteous, helpful, friendly, quick

Food- 3.5 on 5 Great quality, less on quantity

Food Variety- 4 on 5 Nice experiment with food

Innovation in beverages- 4 on 5 Nice variety and mix n match

Music- 4 on 5 Not the annoying loud one but peppy, lively, new

Ambiance- 5 on 5 superb, spacious

A repeat visit for me? Definitely yes!

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  1. The lockers are unique. "Dahi ke Sholay" sounds filmy and is an apt name ... :-D Nice review...


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