Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"T" for Twist to Tea

I discovered my love for tea when I relocated to Delhi a decade ago. The pressure of studies initially and late night shifts at work later , made me addicted to tea. Be it dry winters or sultry summers, I love to have tea in any weather; Undoubtedly during rains.

I began consuming tea from beverage dispenser in offices initially. Few dispensers come with an option of milk and water only, wherein you dip the tea bags. Honestly, dip tea did not appeal much to me. Invented and much consumed by English, dip tea seems a convenience tea sans the taste. Dip any tea bag in warm water and let the color ooze out. Add milk or/and sugar as per your taste. Avoids mess, avoids soiling of utensils, yet I don’t like this type. I end up using the used tea bags to place on my eyes, to avoid dark circles or puffiness (This is the best use of tea bags for me)

While traditionally prepared milk tea (on stove) still tempts me, I love to experiment with tea in various new forms. I was mesmerized to see the types of tea available in our own country. Since, tea is a storehouse of benefits, lets sip a healthy cup, prepared in different ways.

The Golden Lemon Tea
Lemon ginger Tea- Morning wonder
I have seen my dad having lemon tea routinely for many years now.  A pinch of tea leaves is boiled, strained & poured in a cup, sugar added as per taste and about half a lemon is squeezed into the cup. This is the simplest and one of the healthiest teas of the world. The golden color of the tea and tangy aroma of juicy lemon mesmerizes me. I love to have this tea in summers after morning yoga for instant refreshing feel.
I gave it a little twist with ginger. Boil water with ginger and  tea leaves (quarter of tea spoon). Drop half a lemon's juice into the cup. Have this in the morning on empty stomach, without sugar.

Benefits? Packed with anti oxidants, this tea keeps a check on blood pressure, sugar level, enhances digestion, keeps you active. For all those who want to lose belly fat, try this every morning and see a new you!

Tip- Add a pinch of rock salt or black pepper for a punch of saltiness.

Rejuvenating Cool tea
Come summers, and we crave for cool drinks. Chilled version of lemon tea storms the market as ice tea. A hint of pudina (mint) or lemon gives the tea a different flavor. Packaged tea is available in all stores these days. However, I would advise to prepare this at home. (Bottled or tinned drinks should be avoided if you are a health conscious person).
Cut ginger in thin slices or grate it. Throw mint leaves and ginger together in water and boil it with tea leaves. Alternatively dip tea bag in the water after boiled with ginger and mint. Leave the pot to cool. Have it chilled or warm, the way you like!

Benefits? This preparation if consumed on an empty stomach clears bowel movement, helps reduce belly fat, improves digestion and builds immunity against cough or common cold.

Tip- Not more than half teaspoon tea leaves should be added, else it would turn bitter. Squeeze in half a lemon for a zesty fresh drink. Avoid sugar!

Two drinks, empty stomach, everyday= good health
Stay healthy stay blessed!

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