Friday, May 14, 2010


India..the land of peace? The land of tolerance? Is it because of its tolerance, that it took more than one year to prove KASAB, guilty? Somebody who was seen on national TV massacring people, needed no introduction. However Indian Law, as bound by its nature of its outdated Justice process, struggled to collect evidence against him! To add to the shame, we were stranded speechless and helpless when Pakistan refused to accept Kasab’s Pak origin! Besides this, Kasab had the guts to deny himself guilty.

Post the tedious job of proving him guilty, Kasab fell ill end number of times. To keep him alive was a costly affair. Shifting him from one location to another in full security, guarding on him 24X7, expenditure on his medicines and daily provisions etc costed the administration a fortune. Not even a part of this amount was compensated to the victims. Had the same amount been spent for the repairs to the damages, I would have called the Indian jurisdiction a well managed intelligent body. News channels are bustling with headlines that the President will ensure the speedy execution of his Capital punishment. That’s so kind of her lest another hijacked aircraft should be ransomed for his release. Ah!! My heart bleeds to that.

Not only the cost, but there are chances of his appealing to numerous apex courts for reduction in his punishment or pleading for sympathy.

Needless to mention, India definitely needs revision in its policies and laws. It took more than a year for the law to prove Kasab guilty! It is ridiculous. Not only Kasab, there are numerous infamous cases in India which testify the fact that it’s high time for India to gear up with its Law book. Jesicca Lal, Madhumita, Nithari, Nitish Kataria, are few cases to quote which proves the inefficiency of Indian Law to provide timely justice. Delayed justice is often equivalent to denied justice. The Victim’s family keeps waiting for years before they get the final verdict. And for those years, the guilty becomes a liability for the administration. Is it worth?

Indian administration should set up a strong mechanism which would provide timely justice without the prolonged delay in scrutinizing the facts/evidences. When situation was so obvious and explicit, with a heinous crime like this, I guess much time was wasted in proving his Pak origin. Kasab too knew that it wasn't easy to prove him guilty so easily, in spite of the witness present. So much is the confidence of others on our loose law system! Manjeet Singh aka Sarabjeet Singh who was of Indian soil, was detained by the Pak authorities accusing him of crossing the borders illegally and levelled charges against him of bomb blast in Karachi. Without a concrete proof or evidence how easily did Pakistan pass a death sentence for him, while Indian authorities went head over heels asking Pakistan to agree to his Pak origin. Can somebody imagine the amount of precious time and resources ,we were at loss? In that span of time, Kasab could have been exchanged for another hijacked plane! Pheewwwww!!!! God save us and the snail speed Indian Law system.

The citizens of India are ready to spur venom against the national symbol of hatred-Kasab, yet it is taking a good amount of time to execute his death sentence. Can somebody answer why, when it didn’t take seconds for Kasab to recklessly shoot people during his killing rampage?
Sunny Deol starrer “Damini’s” dialogue “taareekh pe taareekh” stands so relevant here!!

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