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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cross fire!!

The employee was caught taking a nap at work,
Boss said "See me in my cabin you jerk!"
"Are you not serious for your job"?
asked the boss to the poor guy,
who slogged himself everyday and was usually quite shy.
"Eight files are still pending, complete them at any cost,
else I hire a better employee and you can get lost!"
The employee snapped back "Fire me and pay me the dues right now,
I wont work for peanuts anymore, I take a wow"
Boss stared at the employee in disbelief,
thinking it might be his nightmare, 
Employee added "Everybody hates this job, Do you even care?
Labors are better than us I feel,
Eight hours of sleep is all I wanted,
No overtime for the extra hours we work,
these files make this office haunted!
You deducted my salary for my sick leaves,
you need a medical treatment I guess.
I broke up with my girlfriend because of you,
My life a silly mess!!!
For everybody it was a holiday,
but I was preparing your presentation,
why do you think I should work you,
when you are the source of my frustration?
Cost of living has gone sky high,
it has become impossible to survive,
work life balance has screwed big time 
I wonder Do i have my own life?
Terminate my services and relieve me from this prison,
because I want to live a normal life,
and there couldn't be a better reason"
The employee walked  out of the boss's cabin,
slammed shut the office door,
he smiled after the relief he got,
his eyes were no more sore :-)
Wrote this short poem while tossing on the bed waiting for electricity on a warm summer night.

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