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Friday, December 11, 2009

Development vs separatism- an outcry

India-We proudly say is unity in diversity-rather we used to say this with pride.Where is that pride lost now?Political issues have lashed the silent water of the nation and there is a roaring outcry for diving LOC all over the country! Be it Jharkhand,Uttaranchal now Telangana formation or the “Marathi Manus” rage over the North Indians,the situation has more or less been the same for years.Who cares about development once the political motives are fulfilled?Party rulers concentrate wealth in their hands ,make tall promises in return for votes, bask in the limelight and show an “Alice in Wonderland” story to the masses.Alice remains in wonderland forever.
Infact dividing borders across the states does nothing more than geographically reducing the state size and juggling with the rules of the old&new states. Noida for example,the closest Delhi NCR,has been facing dwindling issues over road transportation and electricity.

I belong to Dehradun,which was a part of UP,now the capital of newly formed Uttrakhand. Is Dehradun a developed town now?Ask the residents,do they feel they are better off than before?I don't think so.Common Man faces the same problems and lives the same kind of life.Then why draw lines for new states and make things difficult for the Survey of India to design new political maps frequently?

More the number of states,more the rules and hence more the number of pending cases.Coz the old cases under the old state rules will definitely not be applicable to new states..
So where is the development factor?

This was the first winning blog in indyarocks blog contest. Thanx to those who liked it!

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