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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Play@30- Review

Its worth it! Its worth it! Its worth it!

Those were my words when I first visited this fab sports bar in Hauz Khas Village one evening. The new cafe cum lounge cum eating joint is worth visiting in Hauz Khas Village, the posh upmarket in the vicinity of Hauz Khas. As fun and refreshing as its name, the cool ambiance, super friendly staff, the stunning aesthetics will make you come back for more!
Football table

 I am thankful to the staff member who suggested us the place seeing a birthday cake in our hand and ushered us to the restaurant located on the first floor of the building. The moment we  visited the place to check on it, the well lighted spacious floor with comfortable seating, instantly grabbed our attention. No sooner than 3 of us were seated than they surprised us with complimentary soup and bowl of popcorn! Call it a marketing strategy (since they are new) or a USP over others, who does not like freebies. 

The second thing that amazed us most was the misty balcony with lush green plants. What we mistook for mist was actually a layer of net separating the balcony from the backyard field. Look at the lovely shots we captured in the backdrop of "mist."

The balcony has a TT Table,  tabletop football, mini version of ice hockey and a super cool green view. Could not resist clicking pictures there.
The bar

Check out the well managed bar and the fantastic aesthetics!
The place has a pool table, indoor table games, dart board where you show your sportsmanship or just pose for pictures, like we did LOL

The staff takes a picture of the first time visitors and pin it to their soft-board. That was our  picture and they will not forget us since we were perhaps the only ones who were indulged in photography like nobody does! Oops!

Apart from our order we were served complimentary cheese cakes too!!! The whole fun and order was priced very reasonably. All against our expectations the bill including tax and charges was less than 1500 INR.. In love with the awesome place PLAY@30!!!

Ambiance- ****  
Food Quality -****
Food variety-***
Price- ****
Cleanliness- *****
Spacious- ****

The only place where I rated them with 3 stars was the variety in the food menu. Since its not a full fledged dine out place, you would be served with snacks and not full course meals. Rest its a thumbs up!

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