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Sunday, September 13, 2015

PepperTap - App Review

Tap the Pepper Tap
Mankind has evolved. From a raw meat eater to landing on the moon, the evolution has come a long way seeing many changes, both good and bad. Today’s generation has higher power of income than before. Professionals work hard to earn their living and make their lives comfortable. Torn between work and family, sadly we are pressed for time. No matter the levels of evolution, one can’t have more than 24 hours in a day! So how do the time pressed people manage to look after their homes, especially the working women? Ah! Pepper Tab comes to our rescue.

Grocery shopping is not only time consuming but a tiring activity too. Staying away from family for studies and job, taught me managing my bachelor life. Trust me, I hated it! Those long queues at the billing counters of shops, those stinky vegetable markets, haggling with hawkers over change, unclean dirty roads, the noise, the pollution; I was growing sick of it. The saga continued for me post my marriage too.  I had seen my mom going through the same ordeal all her life. Why do all husbands think that grocery shopping is a woman’s job only? Then one fine day, while killing time in a mall, I noticed a big poster of Pepper Tap. A shudder passed through my body when I learnt about a shopping app for grocery shopping. Bingo! That was a dream come true. Not that I dreamed of something like that day and night, but it was definitely a blessing. I tried the app, only to make me a big fan of it.

Shopping from the app is a piece of cake! The categories are marked under breakfast & dairy, fruits & vegetables, food & drink, bath & body, home & hygiene, baby needs, staple & spices and popular. With the swipe of my finger, I shopped for few items. To my surprise, onions were available at lower price than market price. What could be more delightful for a girl on saving a little money, as this comes naturally to us. The payment options are cash on delivery or Paytm. I choose cash on delivery and set a delivery slot for the next day.

Shopping list
After discount

The most exciting part was a discount code that was applied while checking out. TAP20 gave me a 20% discount on my first shopping! How easily half my life is sorted with this app. You get a free delivery on purchase worth 250 INR. I shopped for a lesser value and felt okay to pay a minimal delivery charge, without moving in the dirty lanes of the markets. (How much I hate those streets).

While running late for home from work (which is a usual scenario almost every day) I conveniently shop for groceries on Pepper Tap, without visiting the market. Mankind has indeed evolved for good!!!!

Pros of PepperTap- 
  • Can be browsed and used very easily (Given that even kids can operate smart phones these days, your kid can do that too!)
  • Category named clearly
  • Secure payment method
  • Lower prices than market price
Cons of PepperTap-
  • Need to include more variety. I found flax seeds, fruits variety, raisins and more missing.
I would rate this app 4 on 5

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